The spring guns, so those with manual loading and single-shot operation only, are often sought after to start playing airsoft. As ASGs are relatively simple, they generally have a very affordable cost and are precisely preferred by those who do not have much experience and want a first gun to experience the world of airsoft or mil-sim.

It is a choice that can be intelligent, with a small expense you can have a simple spring gun with a maintenance cost (use) close to zero, if we exclude the small cost of airsoft ammunition (the classic 6mm pellets in diameter). We have to though don’t make the mistake of buying real 10 euro toys, in this case the disappointment will be practically a certainty, both in terms of performance and in terms of reliability and duration. Today we introduce you two good brand spring loaded pistolswith a very affordable price but of good quality, here they are:

Colt 1911A1 spring airsoft pistol in ABS and metal by Cybergun

  • Article code on the airsoft shop: 180130

24/7 spring loaded airsoft pistol 22 BBs – Taurus by CyberGun

  • Article code on the airsoft shop: 210119

There Colt 1911A1 spring airsoft pistol in ABS and metal by Cybergun, gray in color, is a beautiful replica with metal trolley and body made of ABS. It has a length of 216mm with a weight of 539 grams. Internally it mounts a reinforced trigger group, a good quality air group with steel spring capable of generating an output speed of 78 m/s with 6 mm pellets and a mass of 0.20 grams. The gun has a safety lock and has a range of about 30 meters. The magazine contains 12 shots. Very beautiful and well finished, you can find it here

There 24/7 spring loaded airsoft pistol 22 BBs – Taurus by CyberGun it is a black body color spring loaded ASG with 180mm length (a compact pistol) and weight of 585 grams. It is a valid airsoft replica of the PT24/7 Taurus with the same characteristics as the original. It features an ABS cylinder head and a fixed BAX system to ensure optimized accuracy. Under the barrel there is also a standard slide for mounting accessories such as LED or laser torches. Obviously we are talking about a 6 mm caliber with manual spring loading, the power is 0.6 joulesnot bad for this category, the magazine contains well 22 rounds. The body of this pistol is made of ABS while the slide and some mechanical parts are made of metal. Find it here

They are two softguns with great price but well built and which can represent a valid choice to start playing, Remember to always protect your eyes with ballistic goggles and to obtain some 6 mm pellets (you can find them on the same airsoft online store that we have just indicated), the ceramic ones with a mass of 0.18 grams or 0.20 grams will be fine. Good fun!

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