Among the various search criteria when it comes to airsoft guns, there is also the mass, it goes without saying, that some people search online “heavy airsoft guns” referring to the masses of this type of ASG. As you know they exist light guns (usually made of polymer/ABS) weighing even less than 500 grams, pistols with average mass (sometimes made of polymer/metal or even just metal) e heavy airsoft gunsASG which can have a mass of well over 1 kg, some that we remember having reviewed not long ago had a mass of 1300 – 1400 grams.

Who seeks heavy softguns he usually does it because he’s looking for a replica for airsoft that it is realistic, generally this characteristic (high mass) derives from blowback full-metal models, the ones that also in our opinion seem more realistic. Today we give a possible alternative to those looking for this type of ASG by proposing one replies of the famous Glock 18 G18C made by the brand Raven. This model is currently available on the online airsoft catalog in 2 different colors; black and tan.

It is a model with a length of 210mm and mass of ben 1200 grams, is built with a technical specification that the manufacturer describes as HIPS Material and aluminum with the trolley made of metal. Under the barrel there is a standard 20 mm accessory rail, the body of the gun is made of robust high-density polymer, the handle is worked with a texture that ensures a firm grip. This pistol, like the others described, fires standard pellets of 6mm used in the airsoft field, the fire modes are single shot – automatic.

The standard magazine contains 23 rounds and is released via a command positioned on the handle (Gen. 4 large). Glock-style trigger lock safety. Aesthetically it presents itself with a clean line and free of useless workmanship, on this model Glock 18 G18C by Raven there has been a lot of emphasis on quality and value for money. We recall that this pistol is also one of those convertibles in operation from gas to CO2 using special special components supplied.

The Glock 18 G18C by Raven box includes:

  • Airsoft pistol replica
  • RAVEN EU series 23R STD GAS magazine
  • Instruction manual
  • Spare GAS nozzle
  • Spare O-Ring set
  • 2 handles
  • Raven PVC patch

Magazines compatible with Glock 18 G18C by Raven

  • RGM-01-01 – EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine
  • RGM-01-02 – EU Series 23R STD CO2 Magazine
  • RGM-01-03 – EU Series 48R EXT GAS Magazine
  • RGM-01-04 – EU Series 48R EXT CO2 Magazine

To order go to airsoft online shop that you see below, you will find this gun in two different colors; all black or Tan with some black details such as safety, trigger, slide release, etc.

Black versionitem number P-RGP-01-01

Black versionitem number P-RGP-01-14

On the same online shop you can also find refills and airsoft ammunition of all types, remember to always protect your eyes with special ballistic gogglesif you don’t have this simple but important safety accessory, you can always find it on the online store just indicated.

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