We still answer this question even if we have already dealt with this topic in the past with a slightly different interpretation. We are now approaching summer and therefore the problem felt by softgunners in winter caused by the Boyle effect does not interest us until next winter, however, what still interests many airsoft players is again the subject of this question; “What is the easiest way to upgrade a gas pistol in 2023?”

Unfortunately, on green gas-powered airsoft pistols (and also rifles) there is little you can do to implement its performance, once we have made sure that the pistol already has a hop-up system (and if it doesn’t have one, we have to evaluate whether it can be installed as an after market device) and perhaps a precision barrel, there are few things to do, perhaps only one. Perhaps you have already understood what we are talking about, also because we told you just now that the subject is linked to the Boyle effect which afflicts many “winter” players, and in fact we are talking about high performance green gas refills!

As we said, there are few things that can be modified to increase the power of an ASG running on green gas, unlike electric guns – where there are many components that can be modified to modify it – on gas guns the simplest and most effective thing is to use a high performance green gas. On the market there are refill cylinders that have a pressure that does not reach 100PSI while other types of gas are also available that have a pressure of 110 130 150PSIit becomes obvious that using for example a pressure of 150PSI guarantees performance (therefore firing power, accuracy and useful range) far superior to what can be obtained with a reload that has pressure equal to or even lower than the 100PSI.

These high performance refills they are born (perhaps) mainly to compensate for the lowering of pressure that occurs with low temperatures (let’s go back to the Boyle effect) but they are also the best answer to the question “What is the simplest way to upgrade a gas pistol in 2023? ”

In the meantime, let’s say that you can find great airsoft reloads here

but if this topic interests you, read also the previous one which deepens i pressure values ​​and comparisons between PSI and BARwe published it at the beginning of April 2023 and you can find it here

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