A very interesting question, we have talked several times that airsoft gas refills are not all the same, we have also talked about the effect Boyleor rather the effect due to which there is a lowering of the pressure (and therefore of the performances) with the lowering of the ambient temperature in which the rifle or the gas pistol is used.

On some occasions (perhaps we repeat it today for convenience at the end of this article) we have listed some of the best high performance green gas refillson these occasions we have actually provided some references to the pressure of the refill cylinders, for example 110PSI, 130PSI or 150PSI but we never talked about the pressure conversion from PSI to BAR nor have we given references of how these pressures change as the temperature varies. Let’s try to understand each other better today, to also understand how the performance of an ASG powered by green gas varies as the external climate varies.

Pressure conversion from PSI to BAR

The relationship between these two measurement systems is 1 to 0.0689 (1 PSI corresponds to 0.0689 BAR, 10 PSI corresponds to 0.689 BAR etc.). Speaking of green gas refills for airsoftwe can immediately have a comparison between the two units of measurement, here are some examples:

  • 100 PSI equals 6.89 BAR
  • 110 PSI corresponds to 7.58 BAR
  • 120 PSI corresponds to 8.27 BAR
  • 130 PSI corresponds to 8.96 BAR
  • 140 PSI corresponds to 9.65 BAR
  • 150 PSI corresponds to 10.34 BAR

To get an idea of how does the gas pressure change contained in the magazine of your pistol or your airsoft rifle as the temperature changes, let’s take some references, such as for example 10°C, 20°C, 30°Ci.e. a reference of a not too rigid winter temperature, a spring temperature and a summer one.

At the summer temperature of 30°C a normal refill cylinder of good green gas can have a pressure of approx 10 BARS… the same gas, with spring temperature can go down to just over 7 BARS while in winterwith a temperature of 10°C the pressure would drop to approx 5 or 6 BARSit is evident that – in these conditions – the performance of your pistol or rifle is greatly reduced when going from summer to winter weather, practically by half, with the possibility also of jams or absence of firing, especially on ASG equipped with blow-back function. The situation would even become unmanageable with even lower outside temperatures.

Now let’s see what would happen with the use of very high performance green gasfor example with the ultra extreme performance green gas refill 4.0 marketed by Nuprol.

  • With summer temperatures, therefore with a reference of 30°C, the pressure is around 15 BAR
  • With spring temperatures, therefore with a reference of 20°C, the pressure is around 13 BAR
  • With winter temperatures, therefore with a reference of 10°C, the pressure is around over 9 BAR

It is immediately evident that a high performance charging like those indicated, allows you to have more power in summer and spring, maintaining high performance even in winterwhen normal reloads would render airsoft pistols or rifles powered with this system unusable, even at temperatures of only 10°C in fact, the pressure is maintained at 9 BARSsufficient pressure to ensure correct use of the softgun. As explained on other occasions, this inconvenient phenomenon does not occur with pistols and rifles powered by Co2in any case we have just provided you with useful information for guide you in the purchase of your next high-performance green gas refills. As promised, here is a list of great products you can find on the airsoft online shop

  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI 560 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI 600 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for Super High Performance airsoft with lubricant 600 ml by FL-AIRSOFT
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by WE
  • Ultra Extreme Performance Airsoft Green Gas 4.0 1000ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas refill cylinder for high performance airsoft 750 ml by DIABLO

Good fun!

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