Airsoft rifles (also called airsoft “long guns”) are popular among fans of tactical games and combat simulations due to their resemblance to real firearms, they fire plastic projectiles called BBs, as you may know are generally the normal 6mm pellets. Two of the main variants of airsoft rifles are gas-powered and Co2-powered ones. Both offer enjoyable gaming experiences but have some significant differences, in this short article we try to highlight some of these differences.

Type of gas used for their operation:

Gas Rifles: These shotguns often use propane gas or blends of other gases, or green gas as a propellant. The gas is stored in a refillable tank and provides the energy needed to fire the projectiles.

Co2 rifles: These rifles use pressurized carbon dioxide (Co2) cartridges as a propulsion source. The cartridges are normally disposable and can be inserted directly into the rifle.

Performance of gas or Co2 airsoft rifles:

Gas Rifles: The gas used in these shotguns can vary in terms of pressure and temperature (Boyle effect), which can affect performance and not just a little. In cold weather, gas pressure can decrease, affecting the power and accuracy of the rifle.

Co2 rifles: Co2 cartridges offer more stable pressure than gas. This means that Co2 rifles tend to have more consistency in performance, regardless of weather conditions.

Bullet power and speed:

Gas Rifles: usually, gas rifles can have a lower power than Co2 ones. This can translate into slower projectile velocity and reduced range.

Co2 rifles: Due to the higher constant pressure of Co2 cartridges, shotguns using this feed tend to have higher bullet power and velocity, and as a result can fire bullets a greater distance than gas-filled shotguns.

For the rest, the two types of ASG are comparable to each other, even on a mechanical level, unlike the valves and the housings of the tank or capsule, the mechanics are completely similar. Since we talked about differences in performance and we have mentioned the Boyle effect (the one responsible for the loss of gas pressure at low temperatures), we suggest you also read this article which provides interesting ideas for minimize winter power loss of green gas fired spearguns,. The article refers to airsoft pistols but the concept also applies to long ASGs.

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