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What is Airsoft?

As the word suggests “Airsoft”, “compressed air”, this sport takes its name from the use of the homonymous type of weapons.

The Airsoft, better known in Italy as “Airsoft” is a sport in which players participate in combat simulations using replica firearms. The replicas used fire small 6mm diameter biodegradable plastic pellets, allowing players to experience the thrill of combat without causing harm to their opponents.

Airsoft is often played in teams and matches can last several hours. Here, “arm yourself” as if they were on a real mission, players split into teams.

Players have the option to challenge the opposing team in a real tactical sport where the team that manages to develop the best strategy and work together trying to anticipate and surprise “the enemy” wins, thus achieving victory.

Airsoft is now a popular activity and is suitable for people of all ages who are looking for an exhilarating and challenging experience, which does not present any dangers in its weapons (contrary to what one might think).

In fact, using replicas of firearms that we can say are harmless, an outdoor activity is practiced, where you can even travel several kilometers and where you put your aptitudes and logical skills into play.

When Airsoft was born

As you may have already understood, this activity was born inspired by military tactics, where the soldiers put into practice the plan studied and planned at the table.

Here, playing as a team, they must both have each other’s backs and be receptive to developments and changes that may occur in order for their team to win.

The 70s and the birth of the first replicas

The first Airsoft replicas were invented in Japan during the 70s. These early models were inspired by real firearms and closely resembled them in both appearance and function. But instead of firing metal bullets, these guns fired pellets made of plastic or other materials.

These early airsoft pistols quickly gained popularity in East Asia, where they were used for recreational purposes such as target practice, and in some cases, these replicas were used by police and military groups for training exercises.

The 80s and the beginning of Airsoft

In the 80s Softair begins to take shapeto. During these years rules are established and tournaments organized between teams of Softair weapons enthusiasts are held. These early competitions closely resembled paintball, where players shot each other and attempted to knock their opponents out of the game.

Most of these early competitions were staged in Japan, but they gradually started popping up in other parts of Asia as well. In the late 80sSoftair manages to establish itself and become a popular activity among the most avid enthusiasts.

The 90s and the globalization of Airsoft

In the early 90s, replicas from Airsoft are introduced in Europe and North America. Also during these years, the replicas became particularly popular with law enforcement and military groups, who used them for training purposes due to their realistic look and function.

How to play Airsoft?

The goal of Airsoft varies according to the type of game. There are many game types, but the most popular are team deathmatch, capture the flag, and defend/attack an objective.

Players who are hit by the opponent (but also by their own teammate) they come eliminated from the game. In Italy a pellet fired from an airsoft replica travels at approximately 100 meters per second, so there is an obligation for players to always wear adequate eye protection while on the field.

As for clothingplayers typically dress in camouflage clothing and put on gloves, boots, and kneepads to protect themselves from falls.

Players or “Softgunners” typically use different types of weapons depending on their role on the team. For example, snipers use bolt action rifles, while those playing a support role use replicas of the LMG or SAW / LSW type which have the ability to fire more pellets as they have magazines capable of containing thousands of them.

Airsoft Rules

Not being recognized as a full-fledged sport, Airsoft does not have a set of rules that everyone must respect. However, there are some general rules of good conduct that everyone should follow :

  • The most important rule of all is about self-declaration when hit by a pellet.
  • Always wear proper eye protection. This is also one of the most important rules, as being hit in the eye by a pellet can cause serious injury.
  • Do not shoot at persons not wearing proper eye protection.
  • Be respectful to landlords or property owners where the game is played. Collect trash after the game.
  • If you host your own matches always make sure you have the necessary permissions.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • Don’t blind fire, this just wastes ammo and can be dangerous.
  • Try to avoid friendly fire. This isn’t always possible, but it’s something to try.
  • Do not shoot animals or birds.

Types of game in Softair

As mentioned above, there are different game modes in Airsoft. Some modes most popular game I am:

  • Team Deathmatch: in team deathmatch, the goal is simply to eliminate all members of the opposing team. This is the most basic form of Airsoft and is often used as a training exercise by military and law enforcement groups.
  • Capture the Flag: In Capture the Flag, each team has a flag that they must protect while also trying to capture the other team’s flag.
  • Attack/Defend a target: in games where players defend or attack an objective, a team must attempt to defend or attack a specific point on the map within a time limit. This could be a location such as a building or an area of ​​land. The object of the game is to successfully defend or attack this point.
  • Search and destroy: one team must manage to plant a bomb in the opposing team’s base, while the other team must try to stop them.

Obviously there are many other types that you can play and where you can always create your own rules. Airsoft is an activity designed to be enjoyed by all, so have fun and be creative!

Why start playing Softair

I could stay here and list all the reasons and benefits behind the practice of Airsoft, but today I’ll list only the most important ones (after all, only with practice will you really be able to see the benefits with your own eyes):

  • Physical training:
    you will find yourself walking, running and walking. This for short stretches or for those with more experience even for several kilometres. But the beauty is that you will do it with a goal and therefore you will not realize it (do you want to put on the treadmill?)
  • You are outdoors:
    unlike many other sports, you are outdoors, often in wooded areas where you breathe clean air and are in the middle of nature;
  • Totally detach from the usual routine:
    no cars, smog, noise, internet and so on. Your mind will thank you;
  • Play as a team:
    Softair is an activity that develops discipline and relationships, you’ll find yourself making friends and playing as a team with your role mates;
  • Attention and respect for the environment:
    well yes! The Softair respects the environment, moreover many amateur associations Asd (that practice it) are actively engaged in the cleaning of the woods.

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