Some airsoft players bet everything on performance real in the field, on the cheapness And easy to use and on the aesthetics. These are parameters that can certainly be shared and are the most important for being able to play airsoft or more complex military simulations effectively and in a fun way. Replica enthusiasts aren’t just softgunners though, they exist both collectors of historical reproductions or contemporary weapons, both target shooting enthusiasts and real gun enthusiasts who like to use their ASG both for airsoft and for individual play, such as target shooting. Among these, some are looking for features that go in the direction of realismthat is, they look for replicas that in use seem as similar as possible to the weapon from which they derive.

What are the most realistic airsoft gun replicas? What are the main characteristics that make a softgun more similar to the original?

Here too we are in a field where subjectivity plays its role, from our point of view, however, there are some elements that usually make everyone agree and these are; The weightThe material with which the replica is built. The two parameters are also related to each other, as you probably know, airsoft guns made of polymer/ABS have a lower weight than their sisters made of metal and this is quite intuitive.

The weight it therefore represents one of the key elements of realism in a replica gun for airsoft, an ASG weighing 400-450 grams will hardly seem real by holding it, while softguns weighing 900-1000 grams or more will give a greater realistic effect. Even the material, beyond the weight, it is important. A polymer pistol to the touch is unlikely to convey a feeling of realism, on the contrary, a pistol full metal, it will make you think you are holding a real gun. This is due to the mechanical effect that it has to the touchboth for the thermal effector you have by touching it, obviously the difference is noticeable the more the ambient temperature (or in any case of the gun) is different from the body temperature of about 37°C.

Another factor that in our opinion gives another realistic perception (but it is completely subjective) is the blowback effect; a blowback full-metal pistol, especially if powered by gas or Co2, shoots in a way that closely resembles that of the real pistols from which they derive, a slightly different argument applies to electric ASGs which have a characteristic sound that differs greatly from those real and not just for intensity.

To summarize, in our opinion, the most realistic pistols are those powered by gas or Co2 with full-metal execution and weight similar to or greater than one kilogram, possibly (but we repeat that it is subjective) of the blowback type.

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