A very technical question that obviously concerns the electric ASGs, given that they are the only ones that also have electric wiring inside them. Airsoft guns and rifles powered by gas, Co2 or those with manual spring loading, do not have electrical components inside as they operate based solely on mechanical and pneumatic action. Electric airsoft guns and rifles, on the other hand, have an electric motor powered by a battery pack, these elements, as well as the trigger control switch (in reality there is also a second switch on the gear-box) are connected to each other with special electrical wiring, usually copper conductors, but what is low resistance wiring in airsoft?

Low resistance harnesses for pistols, machine guns and airsoft rifles

As mentioned, the electric ASGs have some components that must be connected to each other, specifically we have the battery pack (set of accumulator elements that act as an energy reservoir), the electric motor (the one that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy at the input of the gear-box), lo trigger switch (the one that determines when the softgun should “fire”) and lo switch on the gear box (which serves as an electric self-retention to complete the gear-box cycle).

To connect all this, there are gods internal wiring, or normal electric wires which are usually made of multi-wire copper covered in insulating rubber, as well as the vast majority of wiring that we all know. The wiring consists of a pair of wires (positive and negative) which start from the battery and reach the trigger switch then – in series – the electric motor. The switch on the gear-box is instead connected in parallel to the trigger switch, when the trigger is pressed, the engine starts and this would stop immediately by releasing the trigger if there weren’t the second switch mounted on the gear-box which acts as an auto- withholding.

THE conductorsas normal as it is, when they are crossed by electric current (Ampere) they dissipate power (and therefore heat) due to the Joule effect. The power dissipation is given by R x I x I Where R is the resistance value in ohms ed THE is the current value in Ampere. The current is determined by the formula V/R Where v is the potential difference in Volt made available by the battery pack ed R is the value in Ohm of the load (in this case mixed resistive/inductive) represented by electric motor contained within pistols and airsoft rifles. It goes without saying, that the lower the parasitic resistance value of the electrical wiring (thousandths of an Ohm actually) the lower the power dissipated due to the Joule effect (note that in this case Joule has nothing to do with the Joule power of the pistol or rifle). Low resistance electrical wiring is nothing more than conductors that use a larger section of the conductor copper and/or use a different conductor material, such as silver or very high purity copper.

Are low resistance electrical harnesses for use on airsoft pistols or rifles?

If the stock wiring is well sized, even if it is a very normal insulated copper wire, that will be fine. If the wiring uses wires that are too thin a section, there may be overheating problems, especially if the weapon is tuned with more powerful motors and battery packs.

Do low resistance electrical harnesses affect firing power on airsoft pistols or rifles?

Absolutely not. The use of a low resistance wiring can make (minimal) differences only if the original wiring is undersized and in any case only on the engine rotation speed. The rotation speed of the motor – which however can vary slightly according to the wiring used – affects only the speed of the firing cycles (burst) but NOT the bullet output power (BBs). So replacing a normal wiring with a special low resistance one will not affect the pellet output speed and therefore will not increase the weapon’s power, it could possibly make the softgun more reliable but – we repeat – only if the standard wiring is of poor quality and underpowered for the electric current it has to handle.

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