Here is something new available now on the airsoft online catalog, a gas-operated airsoft replica with blowback effect. In particular, the blowback system Vorsk Enables high impact for great realistic feedback. This gun is made of metalhas a medium-high weight for the category, 900 grams while the length is a classic with its 212 mm.

It is a pistol capable of shooting at single shot – safe, features a CNC machined slide, standard 20mm slide under the barrel for mounting accessories such as lasers, led torches etc. The front part is removable, the inner barrel has a length of 93.7 mm with an internal diameter of 6.03 mm. The loader STD Gas model VGM-04-01 it is included in the package together with the instructions (with parts list), extended thread adapter from 12 mm to 14 mm flash hider type, hex key, spare bolts, barrel bushing tool, spare gas nozzle, Co2 spring and VORSK PVC patch.

The 21-round magazine has a buffer plate made of polymer to protect the metal body of the magazine itself. The trigger has a blunt shape and is double action and very ergonomic. This airsoft gun also has a lever Decocking to safely return the dog to its safe position without unloading it. The handle has a non-slip textures which ensures a secure grip. Aesthetically this VP26X Vorsk blowback gas pistol it has quite particular details that make it a softgun suitable for those who want to stand out and who – obviously – are looking for a high quality product. The body is completely black with some white lettering stamped on the right side of the gun.

You can find it with article code VGP-04-01 at this link of airsoft online catalog

The magazines compatible with this pistol are as follows:

  • VGM-04-02 Vorsk VP26 Series Gas Magazine
  • VGM-04-01 Vorsk VP26 Series Co2 Magazine

By airsoft