Between news 2023 for Softair enthusiasts we offer you the Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 long pistol black color. It’s about a convertible weapon black in color that can run on gas or on CO2 produced by Vorsk. The new long gun is robust and silk-screened and includes all the accessories necessary for the amateur or professional airsoft player.

The essential features of the Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol

There Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 airsoft gun it is one of Gas/Co2 guns more voluminous and has a length of 250 mm. It is therefore a long gun whose weight is 900 grams given the metal structure. The mechanics of the weapon are very accurate and robust and the metal slide features CNC machining and writing on both sides.

The one proposed is entirely black including the 23-round magazine and it is a massive and precise full metal weapon, given that it is a high-end ASG model. Among the characteristics of the weapon we mention:

  • Model with blowback effect or blowback;
  • Presence of fiber optic sights useful for aiming;
  • Very worked cart;
  • Standard slide under barrel size of 20mm suitable for mounting accessories such as laser and LED flashlights.

There barrel of the Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol it has the same length as all the weapons proposed by the brand, i.e. 113 mm with an internal diameter of 6.03 mm. The operating mechanism is semi-automatic, automatic, and safety, and the firearm includes a low-weight vented slide, flared magwell (skirt), extended magazine base, and fluted outer barrel.

Anyone who uses this gun for Airsoft battle will need to purchase 6mm pellets. The magazine release and slide release lever are on the left side of the pistol while the safety is ambidextrous and also has an additional safety on the rear of the handle, further protection from accidental shots.

The Vorks range of convertible pistols

The Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol is also a convertible model that runs on both green gas and CO2. For this reason, the package contains the necessary components and the spring to switch from shooting mode with green gas to shooting mode with pressurized carbon dioxide.

Ultimately the brand new ASG pistol proposed by Vorks it is proposed as a high-level weapon in terms of quality, performance and aesthetics. Our advice is to buy it online at the best price if you are looking for one high-end long barrel airsoft pistol.

What’s in the box of the Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 airsoft gun

Who buy online the new Vorsk 2023 pistol comfortably get a package at home that includes:

• Replica Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1

• Black STD Gas Magazine – VGM-02-01

• 12 mm to 14 mm flash hider thread adapter

• Barrel bushing tool

• Spare gas nozzle

• Co2 nozzle

• Instruction manual

• Exploded components

Vorsk PVC patches

The Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 airsoft pistol it is also compatible with these chargers.

• VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine

• VGM-02-02 – BLACK – Hi-Capa 23R CO2 Magazine

• VGM-02-03 – BLACK – 23R VENGEANCE Gas Magazine.

All color variations of the new Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol

To date the new Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol it can be purchased not only in the entirely black version (code VGP-02-25), but also in black with gray slide (code VGP-02-29) and in the chromed version as regards the slide, trigger, controls and base of the handle (code VGP-02-31).

All the models of the new ASG pistol can be purchased conveniently online in the section that brings together all the products of the Vorsk brand.

Recommendations for use and reloads of the Vorsk Hi Capa pistol 5.1

Before using the Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol it is important to follow some recommendations: first of all, the eyes must be protected with ballistic goggles that can always be purchased online. Secondly, they should only be used airsoft ammunition from 0.20 – 0.23 – 0.25 grams suitable for this gun and finally it is important to have excellent green gas with you.

Between green gas refills for Softair designed to ensure maximum performance, the following products can be purchased online:

• Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI 560 ml Elite Force by Umarex

• Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI 600 ml Elite Force by Umarex

• Green gas for Super High Performance airsoft with lubricant 600 ml by FL-AIRSOFT

• Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS

• Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS

• Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by WE

• Green gas for ultra extreme performance airsoft 4.0 1000 ml by Nuprol

• Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by Nuprol

• High performance green gas refill cylinder for airsoft 750 ml by DIABLO

Other Airsoft gun proposals that you will like

If you appreciate the features of Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 pistol you will probably also like the following Airsoft gun models:

• gas/Co2 pistol for airsoft (2023) model 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition by Vorsk

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Choose yours favorite Vorsk pistol based on the needs of the game and the role and get ready to take the field with a robust and reliable weapon, to be purchased conveniently online on the shop dedicated to Airsoft enthusiasts.

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