We don’t often talk about tracer units for airsofthowever, this new arrival is interesting, it is a tracer unit of the brand G&G which – let’s face it right away – only works with 6 mm green pellets! Let’s see how it’s done and what it’s for!

Before we forget, we’ll leave you the article code G01060-2 and the link of the airsoft online shop on which you can order it for immediate delivery at the price of 99 euros (at least at the time of writing).

Let’s get back to us.

This tracer unit it screws on airsoft guns with barrels that have a 14 mm diameter thread and anti-clockwise type, aesthetically it appears as a black cylinder and dimensions of 27mm (cylinder diameter) e 51.5mm of maximum length. We repeat that this device is used to create the tracer effect on the 6 mm pellets used on airsoft guns but only works with green colored tracer dots. Its power supply requires type batteries 360mAh Li-Po incorporated and which can be recharged via a USB cable included in the kit.

At the level of electronic functioning we have the energy saving mode; the operating light turns off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity, or in the absence of shots (stealth mode), technically this tracer unit uses new LEDs with increased brightness and quartz lenses. The total weight of the tracer unit for airsoft UVT106-2.0 it’s about 37 gramsso it has little effect on the overall weight and balance of your airsoft gun.

In short, it is a technological and interesting accessory to implement the airsoft guns that you want to use in night sessions, the tracer unit provides a very nice effect in use and increases the aesthetic impact of the softgun.

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