Let’s see a valid one HFC replica Of 1911 Custom, a full-metal construction available in two different colors and with Co2 operation. Medium dimensions with 205 mm and medium-high mass with its 890 grams also given by the full metal construction. Obviously we are talking about classic 6 mm airsoft guns, the power supply includes the usual 12 gram Co2 refills which is screwed inside the magazine. Since we have mentioned the magazine, let’s immediately talk about its capacity, in fact it contains 27 rounds, a high value for the ASG category. The handle is ergonomic with non-slip grips (there is a second set of grips in the kit), the safety is placed on the slide and is ambidextrous while the hop-up system is adjustable.

This HFC 1911 Custom fires in single shot (semi-auto) mode and takes effect blowback, means that a part of the Co2 under pressure is used to move a piston which serves the blowback function. This effect, together with the sensation of the metal to the touch and the medium-high weight, gives this replica a lot realism. The power, as we are usually used to seeing on Co2 pistols, is good and so is the accuracy. Under the barrel there is a standard slide for mounting accessories. The color is different for the two available models, one has a black body and tan slide, the other color has a tan body and green slide.

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These guns HFC 1911 Custom are provided complete with 27-round metal magazine, rigid carrying case, 2 grip sets and instruction booklet. Remember to also buy 12 gram Co2 refills and pellets to be able to use the gun immediately. As always, we remind you to protect your eyes with special ballistic goggleson the airsoft online store you will find both ammunition and airsoft refills (and everything else too).

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