On the airsoft catalogs you can really find everything, in the accessories section you can find various types of add-ons that can be useful for implementing your ASG pistol or rifle. Among these, there are also different variations of “tracer” – also called “tracer units“, but what are they and what are they for?

THE tracer they are devices that screw onto the gun outlet, aesthetically they are similar to silencers and in some cases they also have this function, although not very useful in ASGs due to the absence of explosion (and therefore absence of strong sound waves to be killed ). We said that i tracer for airsoft they are aesthetically and structurally similar to silencers, the Tracers also have a cylindrical shape (even if the silencers are often longer than the Tracers) and are screwed onto the front of the gun on the classic standard threads.

The function of tracer is to create a luminous effect that simulates (at least in some cases) also the flame and illuminates the bullets (the classic 6 mm airsoft BBs which however must be tracer), especially in the first part of their stroke. Obviously, the limited power of the tracer’s light beam and the non-perfect linearity of the trajectory of the dot (which is in any case subject to the laws on falling bodies) mean that the tracking can only be visible up to a certain distance. In any case, in addition to the aesthetic effect of this function, there is an important feedback precisely on aiming with the possibility of making effective shooting adjustments. Still obviously, we point out that the tracking will be more visible after dusk, this accessory gives its best in night airsoft sessions.

But how does an airsoft tracer work?

The tracer makes use of high-brightness LEDs that are activated when firing, some tracers use internal electronics capable of creating specific flashes that simulate the blaze, their orientation is then studied to best illuminate the outgoing pellet and create the specific tracer effect. To better understand what are the characteristics of a tracer for airsoftwe list below some models and take a few hints of their technical description, below we leave you the link of the online shop where you can easily order the tracer (or any other accessory) for your airsoft gun or rifle. It is interesting to note that some tracers even have the function of chronographin this case the cylinder also incorporates BBs passage sensors and the internal electronics are able to communicate the bullet speed data to external devices which display it.

Examples of tracers:

  • Tracer 720 lumens Favor rechargeable flashlight (T2815)
  • SpitFire Tracer and GBB silencer for 14 mm CCW airsoft guns
  • Tracer III 13.2 Thread 14mm Dark Earth Tan WoSport Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Tracer III 8.8 Thread 14mm Dark Earth Tan WoSport Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Tracer I airsoft tracer unit thread 14/11 mm Dark Earth Tan WoSport
  • Tracer unit for airsoft Tracer III 13.2 thread 14mm Black WoSport
  • Tracer unit for airsoft Tracer III 15.8 thread 14mm Black WoSport
  • WoSport Tracer III 8.8 Thread 14mm Black Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Tracer II airsoft tracer unit 14/11 mm thread Black WoSport
  • Tracer unit for airsoft Tracer I thread 14/11 mm Black WoSport
  • G&G Tan Battle OWL Tracer Unit Supressor 12X1CCW Tracer Silencer (G010050-1)
  • Black G&G Tracer Silencer Battle OWL Tracer Unit Supressor 12X1CCW (G010050)
  • Gemtech Blackside Tracer Unit Muffler – Black – Madbull (BU-GTB)
  • G&G Black Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit Tracer Muffler (G-01-048)
  • Tracer Airsoft Silencer Black – Tracer for MP7 TB631
  • X-tracer for HDR50 T4E Umarex 2.4050
  • X-tracer for TRB 68 T4E Umarex 2.4068 rifle
  • MIT Airsoft Tracer Unit with PEQ15 – Multifunction 5 in 1 – Desert Tan – G&G (G01047-1)

Some interesting data sheets of tracer units for airsoft:

MIT Airsoft Tracer Unit with PEQ15 – 5 in 1 Multifunction – Desert Tan – G&G (G01047-1)

  • Military Intelligence Tracer Unit (MIT)
  • Tracer (Only works with Tracer dots)
  • Shot Counter (Total Shots and RPS)
  • Chronograph (m/s, FPF)
  • Laser pointer
  • Laser Shot Simulator (Only when used in combination with MIT helmets and tactical vest)

This last feature is a novelty of G&G where it tries to merge SofAir and Laser Tag allowing to

“extend” the shooting distance of a Airsoft replica up to 150 meters. In fact, MIT was fired with each shot

emits a laser pulse that can be detected by Elemtti and MIT Tactical Vests up to 150 meters away.

The laser pulse is emitted only with each effective pellet fired, if the magazine is empty it is not

no impulse is issued, in this way in the short distance (below 50m) the game remains the same by adding

the ability to “hit” an opponent up to 150m.

Silencer + Chronograph + Tracer Unit “X3300W MK2 ” Xcortech (XCO-X3300W-MK2-BK)

High quality aluminum Airsoft 14mm standard negative threaded tracer.

High efficiency circuit with digital display with brightness controls. The devices communicate via wireless signal.

Energy saving / standby / and auto power off modes available

Measure output speed (FPS / MPS) and measure ROF (RPM)

BB counter programmable for count up or count down

Low Ammo Alert + Low Battery Alert + Battery Gauge for real-time monitoring of battery level

Programmable burst unit (2-10 bursts / full auto) / 8-channel SCU memory

Mounts to standard 20mm / Picatinny / Weaver rails

Tracer III 13.2 Thread 14mm Dark Earth Tan WoSport Airsoft Tracer Unit

Aluminum alloy material

6 x Leds with 5W power

Automatic on and off

Built-in 3.7v 250mAh Lithium Battery (Can be replaced)

It works of noise reduction with sound absorbing material inside

X-tracer for HDR50 T4E Umarex 2.4050

To be mounted in combination with the X-Tender (2.4757.3) SKU 373224

The UV Tracer unit with additional muzzle flash simulation enriches the shooting experience and expands the range of applications of the T4E TR50 models looks like a silencer. The screw-on unit (M17x1 thread) activates the fluorescent effect of the tracer balls (TRB 50) for an intense afterglow of the round balls by flashing briefly when fired. In addition to the impressive optics, it allows you to check and correct the bullet trajectory if necessary. Three additional LEDs simulate an impressive muzzle flash. The two modes can be selected individually or in combination. The battery is integrated in the housing and is charged via the USB-C socket. Battery life is optimized by an automatic shut-off function.

You can order all these airsoft tracers on the online catalog

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