In airsoft battles, you may encounter separate rooms that may have enemy soldiers in them. These enemies may be sniping from a window or just waiting around the corner for you to come in. It is important to be able to safely enter that room and neutralize your enemy before he gets to you. There are many ways to do this. Here are some tips for safely clearing out a room.

If you are working with a teammate or many teammates, they should be supplying cover fire for you in all directions. Before you enter the room, stop and listen for enemy activity in there. Quickly open the door and begin your attack. You should have a strategy worked out before hand. You need to know who is going to take what direction and what weapon will be the most appropriate.

M203 grenade launchers can be very effective at neutralizing multiple enemies. These attach to almost any M4 or M16. The grenade shells can launch 18 to 96 bb’s in one shot. The actually grenade never leaves the launcher. These grenade shells are powered by green gas. You should burst into the room and fire the grenade in the direction of the highest concentration of enemy soldiers. You can also use a window if there is one.

An airsoft grenade such as the James Boom Grenade are very useful for clearing out a room. Crack the door and roll one of these in and your sure to get a kill or two. Imagine a that there is a sniper up in a second floor room shooting out of the window and you can’t shoot him. Toss an airsoft grenade up there and light him up! Some grenades have powder packs in them. The powder acts as smoke and can confuse the enemy while you are laying heavy fire into them and they can’t see you.

Landmines and claymore are a great trick to picking off the enemy as they enter or leave a room. Set up a claymore at the door. Throw a powder grenade in the room through a window and force the enemy out. When they leave, the claymore will blast 100 bb’s at them. This technique works like a charm. has airsoft grenades, launchers, claymores and mines, all great for safely clearing out a room.

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