We have been feeding the for some years now technical section of this blog, our editors have churned out many technical articles that deal with specific topics as is not often the case in other websites or blogs. The aim was and is to implement the technical knowledge of the most curious softgunners, but not only that, even some who have never had a pistol or an airsoft rifle have followed this section with interest, just out of thirst for curiosity on subjects that – like already mentioned – they are almost never explored.

Any examples? we specifically talked about how a hop-up works and above all how the physics that governs these phenomena works (with some reference also to Bernoulli), or, when we have dealt with the issue of the power of gas guns by comparing them with the power of Co2-fueled guns, we have called into question the effect Boyle and the reasons that make these two power supply classes so different in behavior for ASG.

Speaking of electrical phenomena, we have talked in depth like never before about what are solid state semiconductors and inverse extra-voltages, this to explain what i mosfets in handguns and electric rifles. Still in the electrical field, we talked about conductor resistance to explain what role these have in electric ASGs (yes, because in airsoft catalogs you can also find low resistance electric wiring).

As far as the complex electric guns (and rifles) are concerned, we have talked in detail about how a gear box workswhat are its functions and how these are composed, but that’s not all, we have clearly talked about what needs to be done to boost an electric ASG and how the gear-box reduction ratio must be varied to obtain more firing power, more burst frequency or both.

To talk in depth about this sector, we have also examined the electric motors for airsoft to explain which one must be employed to obtain a certain result. Since we have mentioned these electrical components for airsoft, we recall that perhaps we were the first to explain how one should act in detail to to process an electric motor of an ASGeven if – as already mentioned – it is most likely better to buy a new one (and of a good brand) with superior performance.

Obviously, a more powerful electric motor needs a more performing power source, and it is (also) for this reason that we have talked about accumulator batteries for airsoft explaining in detail what are the main values ​​expressed on the body of the same; current (A or mA), capacity (Ah or mAh) and voltage (V).

We then talked (more than once) about how it works, how it is made and how to modify an air group, an element (or rather a set of elements) which are mainly part of the electric ASG. There are several components that form an air group; cylinder, rack, piston, piston head, spring, gaskets and piston head, we talked about each of these components trying to explain in detail the functioning, the role in the ASG and how to optimize its performance.

Then we talked about interesting accessories such as ETUs, tactical computers, chronographs, silencers, tracer units, special and oversized components. In short, in this technical section you can discover many useful things to maintain, develop, improve and implement your airsoft pistol, rifle, sniper, carbine or machine gun.

Use the SEARCH function that you see in the blog or browse the various pages of the section to see which topics attract your attention, we have put our effort into it and not only for commercial purposes, in some cases we have talked about how it can be useless to employ certain components in specific cases, this is to provide some real value to our readers.

Keep reading ok?!

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