Airsoft guns: how to choose them and the advantages of HFC products

Who owes buy a gun from Airsoft must know that very often it is a secondary weapon, since most of the shots fired during the battle come from airsoft rifle. However, the pistol is the most effective weapon for close range, target shooting, and other situations due to its versatility.

Beginner softgunners rarely know what to buy and what style of play to adopt and for this reason Armi Antiche San Marino has decided to prepare a brief guide to choosing the best airsoft gungiven that the purchase of weapons is essential to fight the simulated war.

What are the characteristics of a good airsoft gun

Who is looking for one valid airsoft pistol must consider several elements, which include mechanics, materials, versatility, aesthetics and price. The pistol must be pleasing at first glance and come from a qualified manufacturer such as HFCs, but above all have effective mechanics and be useful in different combat scenarios.

The purchase of Airsoft guns must be done taking into account:

  • Material: le Airsoft guns they are metal or plastic. Metal makes the weapon sturdy, while plastic is certainly lighter, even if less resistant;
  • Working mechanism: depending on the case you can choose one spring or gas airsoft pistol. There spring gun it has a spring on the slide which compresses and releases upon firing and the bullet is propelled by the pressure released from the cylinder. In the case of the gas gun when the trigger is pressed, the gun releases gas which pushes the pellet forward. The process is replicable and is found in automatic, semi-automatic and 3-round firearms. Alternatively, Armi Antiche San Marino also offers the CO2 pistols in which instead of the gas tank there is a CO2 bottle under pressure. This gun is not affected by the effects of Boyle’s law for which pressure and temperature are directly proportional, thus allowing to obtain performing results both at low and at high temperatures.

The advice of Softair professionals is to choose the gun according to your needs and personal tastes. The choice of weapon must always be made following precise criteria and must not be made at random or based exclusively on factors such as the price or the aesthetics of the airsoft gun if you want to make an investment designed to last over time.

The best manufacturers of Airsoft guns: HFC

on San Marino Ancient Weapons shop there are several HFC products which include submachine guns, gas pistols, drum magazines for beretta weapons, wooden stocks, grenade launchers, magazines, rigid weapon holder cases, lasers, and universal displays for your reproductions.

From its foundation to today, HFC has become a reference brand for the world of Softair and beyond and today offers high quality gas and green gas pistols, which reproduce real weapons in all respects and in every aesthetic part. It is no coincidence that Softair enthusiasts love them replicas of Beretta, Glock, Desert Eagle and accessories such as magazines, valid allies when fighting and playing Airsoft. Not only.

All the items offered by HFC can be found on the San Marino Ancient Weapons shop at the best quality/price ratio, so that every player can find the solution that best suits his needs. Among the features of HFC airsoft guns and the accessories offered by the brand are:

  • High build quality;
  • Versatility;
  • Wide range of choices.

Some of the most loved HFC Airsoft guns

There are many weapons and HFC airsoft guns loved by softgunners and among these we mention:

T77 green gas blowback HFC submachine gun (HG 203): it is a top-of-the-range blowback, full metal and with green gas operation. The pistol has adjustable rear sights and fires in burst and semi-burst modes with a 50-bb magazine. Not only that: the machine gun has even more value as it is delivered in a rigid metal suitcase;

Beretta 92 blowback: Reproduction enthusiasts will love the attention to detail in the making of this gun and HFC’s care for every detail. The Beretta 92 has a metal body and slide under the barrel and is silver in color. It shoots 6 mm pellets and has a 26 pellet magazine, while the packaging is a rigid suitcase, particularly suitable for transport;

Green gas M9 custom full metal blowback pistol with black barrel and HFC green frame: this HFC pistol is two-tone with military green frame and black barrel, all made in full metal and is blowback. It is a green gas powered weapon with a single shot firing mode, adjustable hop up and ambidextrous safety placed on the slide, it can also be used by left-handed people. The handle is economical and the capacity is 23 pellets. Again the HFC airsoft pistol it is sold in a rigid metal case.

Very beautiful and loved by softgunners is the G17 Advanced Gold pistol / Oro – Green Gas – 26 BBs – Metal/Polymer – HFC (HG 182G), with metal slide and polymer body. It is a 6mm caliber green gas loaded weapon. The magazine is removable and holds 26 rounds, which are fired with single shots and semi-automatic operation. The optimal shooting distance is 30/40 meters and the gun colors are gold and black. The package proposed by Armi Antiche San Marino includes 100 pellets of 0.20 grams, a rigid case and a rubber grip. The G17 pistol is also characterized by an adjustable hop up and slide positioned under the barrel.

Not just guns: all Softair accessories offered by HFC

Those who play Softair know well that for battle you don’t just need a good rifle or a good pistol like those produced by HFC and which you can find on the Armi Antiche San Marino website. Equally important is being able to count on excellent equipment and the choice of protections and accessories to buy is always very subjective. Among the most requested products there are: belts, bracelets, patches, amphibians, extra pockets, ribbons, ropes, and much more.

The basic protections instead of the softgunner are goggles, helmets, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. Some, then, could opt for masks that also protect the mouth or balaclavas, especially for the colder seasons of the year. Finally, practicing Airsoft requires a suitable clothing and among the basic components that cannot be missing there are camouflage overalls or camouflage jacket and trousers, amphibians and shoes suitable for moving on terrain that is often disconnected and with dense vegetation, multi-pocket vest to contain and carry everything necessary for battle. Among accessories the Softair backpack is also important and must be robust and waterproof.

In any case, whatever your level of gaming experience, on the San Marino Ancient Weapons online shop you will not only find the best HFC airsoft guns, but an infinite number of products to make combat pleasant and increase the chances of victory.

HFCs is an important Taiwanese company specialized in the production of Softair equipment and in particular of gas rifles and pistols. A quality weapon allows you to have a unique experience playing Softair thanks to the fabulous reproductions of weapons that have made history and served in the most famous battles.

Among the HFC proposals it is possible to find machine guns, grenade launchers, magazines, rigid gun cases, gas pistols, drum magazines for Beretta weapons, wooden stocks, lasers, and universal displays for reproductions.

Among the replicas of the guns are: Sig P226, G17, 1911, Beretta 92, M9, P8, CP99, Desert Eagle, Glock 17 and many more, not to mention magazines and spare parts. Very beautiful them historic CO2-powered muzzle-loading pistolsperfect for historical re-enactments and themed games.

Among the replicas of the rifles we have: the Mauser 196LW, the T77 submachine gun, the Bolt Action rifle and several others.

Specifically the HFC Gas Bolt Action Rifle it is a great product made of a mixture of polymer and metal; with a magazine that counts 31 rounds, carrying strap mounts, and a standard 20mm top rail for attaching an optic.

Among the offers of gas guns, the Glock 17 blowback with green gas loading, equipped with a 16-round magazine, metal slide and Hop Up. This airsoft replica of the famous Glock is a 6 caliber, it shoots 0.20 pellets in semi-automatic mode at a distance of between 30 and 40 meters depending on the conditions. The model is sold with a black plastic carrying case and 100 free pellets.

Discover now all the weapons and accessories produced by the brand specialized in HFC Softair!

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