For collectors and gun lovers the revolver in the 21st century is far from dead, thanks to the great reliability in operation, immediacy and instinctive use. In the old revolverToday super-technological materials appear such as titanium for the drum and light aluminum alloy alongside the polymer for the frames. In this way the revolver becomes a very light and efficient weapon.

What is the Peacemaker Revolver

The Revolver Peacemaker is a reproduction of a 5 ½ caliber revolver made of metal and with a plastic handle that imitates ivory. The loading mechanism involves simulated firing and the drum is rotating. This collectible revolver is also available in blued and nickel-plated finishes.

Also known as Single Action Army (SAA) the Revolver Peacemaker was designed by Samuel Colt in 1873 and today it is produced by the brands with different barrel lengths ranging from the short 4.75 inch to the long 5.5 and 7.5 inch up to the powerful 12 inch.

The weapon was initially used by the US Army, but private individuals quickly became interested in the Peacemaker Revolver, which uses the same ammunition as the Winchester M1873 rifle. For this the Peacemaker Revolver quickly became the most widely used firearm in the American Old West in the late 19th century.

Features of the revolver

The revolver is a repeating handgun of the oldest and longest-lived and its fame continues today. The US market has always been closely linked to the revolver, but the qualities of the revolver are also appreciated in Europe both for personal defense and for shooting in the range or simple collecting.

The operation of the Peacemaker Revolver it’s simple, and the rounds are contained in a rotating drum that moves by an internal mechanism to align each chamber with the breech of the barrel and fire the round. Anyone who looks and observes a modern revolver sees that there is a barrel gap, an empty space on the front of the cylinder with respect to the rear edge of the barrel.

The length of the barrel allows you to shoot at high velocity even in the presence of a large barrel gap and the comparison between the performance of the revolver with a 6.5-inch barrel versus that with a 5-inch barrel shows an advantage in terms of performance that fluctuates between 6 and 15 meters per second. In the case of other calibers such as the .357 Magnum which uses more progressive powders, the difference in performance is more evident.

Technical characteristics of the Peacemaker Revolver

The Peacemaker revolver caliber 5 ½ “ produced by Barrel in the USA in 1873 it is characterized by a single action rotating drum mechanism. The stock is made of wood, and the body and barrel are made of metal alloy. This firearm was designed for the United States government and originated in 1873 from a patent by Colt’s Firearms Manufacturing Company, now Colt’s Manufacturing Company.

The Peacemaker Revolver was adopted as military service weapon and serial revolver until 1892. Among the technical characteristics of this revolver it is important to pay attention to the dimensions, which are 30.5 cm long and weigh 920 grams.

Used in the past for military and civilian purposes, today the Revolver Peacemaker is a collector’s weapon for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. All that remains is to visit sites and portals specialized in replicas of historical weapons to bring home this jewel of American history at the best price and 100% original. Find out more and buy your Peacemaker Revolver conveniently online.

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