A pointing system it is important in airsoft for several reasons:

  1. Improves Accuracy: A sighting system, such as a mira or red dot, helps you aim more accurately than a simple eye estimate.
  2. Increases aiming speed: a targeting system allows you to acquire the target more quickly than a visual targeting.
  3. Improve target vision: Some targeting systems, such as zoom sights, allow you to zoom in on the target and thus improve vision.
  4. Increases safety: an aiming system helps to identify the target clearly and precisely, reducing the risk of accidentally hitting other people or objects not intended.

How to choose the aiming system for Airsoft?

For choose the targeting system for airsoftit is important to consider several factors:

  1. Game Type: the type of game you intend to play can influence the choice of aiming system. For example, if you are playing indoors, a red dot might be more suitable than a long range aim.
  2. Budget: the available budget will influence the choice of targeting system. There are inexpensive options like iron sights or red dot sights, but also more expensive options like zoom sights.
  3. Personal preferences: personal preferences may affect the choice of pointing system. Some people prefer traditional sights, while others prefer red dot sights or holographic sights.

What are sights?

The sights they are one of the types of sighting systems used in firearms, including airsoft ones. They consist of two small metal notchesone placed at the front end of the front sight and the other at the rear end of the rear sight.

To aim the weapon, the user aligns the two notches so that they are perfectly aligned with the target, with the front notch appearing as a dot in the middle of the rear notch. This aiming system is mainly used for short and medium range firearms.

The rear sights can be adjusted to compensate for lateral or vertical drift, and can also be replaced or customized to suit user preferences. In general, the rear sights are a relatively simple, but effective targeting system and heavily used in many firearms.

Some rear sight models for Airsoft

Who owes buy airsoft rear sights can turn to sites and portals specialized in equipment and accessories for Softair. Between rear sight models for Airsoft most loved are:

FRONT SIGHT FLIP UP METAL FOR SCAR: made by D-BOYS it is a completely metal rear sight adaptable to all types of scars;

BLACK FLIP UP FOLDING FRONT SIGHT (APS): it is a desert sand-colored model made of nylon fiber with a quick connection for 22 mm weaever rails and vertical and horizontal adjustment;

FOLDING METAL SIGHT M302: also in this case we have a rear sight with attachment for 22 mm weaever slides with up-down and right-left adjustment.

The rear sight is a fundamental accessory for the Airsoft enthusiast and professional and allows you to hit each target more effectively and precisely. The models proposed here are just some of the many proposals by rear sights for Softair on the market, to be chosen according to the role of the game, the budget, personal preferences and specific needs.

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