enthusiasts know the Gun brand Leatherman which can also be found on the San Marino Ancient Weapons online shop. Here is a rich catalog of knives, multipurpose pliers, bracelets, carabiners and much more.

The history of the Leatherman brand began in 1947 by Tim Leatherman who, while traveling around Europe by car, found himself in the need of having a multipurpose tool with him that included not only the classic pocketknife, but also pliers. For this reason, on his return to the USA he set to work and after three years he patented a multipurpose tool, which however did not receive a great response from the companies. This is how in 1983 he decided to start his own company and to produce the prototype, suitable for small repairs to be done at home or in outdoor contexts.

The rich range of Leatherman products, also suitable for Softair

Also who practices Airsoft today it receives great advantages from having the Leatherman brand products with it on the battlefield, which can be purchased online on the Armi Antiche San Marino website. Among these are:

  • Knives of various types and different functions, versatile and reliable and designed to adapt to any situation. Think of switchblade knives and those with a fixed or folding blade, multipurpose knives and daggers, all available in the online shop;
  • Daggers: the dagger is the classic white weapon for hand-to-hand duels and is characterized by a double-edged blade and a sharp point which guarantees high penetration. On the Armi Antiche San Marino website you will find various daggers suitable for Softair and more, and there is no shortage of collector’s daggers, hunting daggers and tactical daggers with smooth or serrated blades. The most advanced models are characterized by the non-slip and ergonomic grip and are offered in a resealable and non-reclosable version to accompany the softgunner in every battle;
  • Multipurpose knives: when fighting in the woods or in the open countryside, the Softgunner must be able to count on multipurpose Swiss Army knives of great quality, efficiency and designed to last over time. To date, the Leatherman multipurpose knife has conquered a vast audience of enthusiasts and users all over the world and includes standard accessories such as scissors, pliers and corkscrews as well as advanced and original tools, perfect for use in many different situations.

Softair multipurpose pliers and folding knives: two Leatherman products of excellence

Between proposals of the Leatherman brand for those who play Softair there are multipurpose pliers, created by the American brand to stand out for innovation, functionality, quality and precision. The fact of being multifunctional is one of the brand’s strengths and 21 tools are added to the standard pliers for an ideal object for hunting, DIY, Softair and much more. Among the features of Leatherman multipurpose pliers there is the unequaled compactness and manageability, which allows you to always have the ideal solution to every problem available.

Inevitable in the equipment of the Softgunner are also the switchblade knives with blade of many different types to always respond to every need. Also in this case, the foldable version guarantees great handling and reliability and allows the knife to be transported in total safety, while ensuring rapid and efficient extraction in the event of immediate use.

Armi Antiche San Marino provides customers with a wide range of Leatherman products that satisfy every need, from Airsoft to hunting to hiking.

The Leatherman Multi-Tools accessory

The Leatherman multitools is a product available in various formats and which was initially called Pocket Survival Tool. It is a tool that contains 13 different tools and which, due to its small size, finds space both in the desk drawer at home and in the pocket of the jacket of those who practice Softair. The tool was immediately a great success and today it is used for everything: tightening a bolt at home, cutting a rope in an outdoor context and so on. The San Marino Antique Weapons Shop makes available to the customer several multi-tools which include:

  • Multi tools normal;
  • Pocket multi tools;
  • Multi tools keychain.

Among these, the one most loved by those who practice Softair is the Wave model by Leatherman which contains 18 tools: flat nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, cable cutter, knife, serrated knife, scissors, saw, diamond file, wood and metal file, large bit holder, small bit holder, Philips screwdriver, large flathead screwdriver, pliers string cutter, bottle and can opener, ruler and quick release ring. In any case, the brand produces and offers the softgunner pocket tools to be used in any eventuality and which really adapt to any hobby in an outdoor context.

Leatherman knives: practicality and efficiency

You cannot fight and practice Softair without counting on a valid knife, an accessory included in almost every Leatherman multi-tool. There are many types of blades to choose from and among these there are:

  • Straight blade;
  • Pocket knife.

Among the most loved knives by the softgunner we must mention the Leatherman Skeletool Kbx, a knife with a blade suitable for fast and daily work or heavy and extraordinary work. It is the ideal knife for cutting any rough material with precision and perfection thanks to the straight and serrated blade.

Leatherman accessories: find the best on Armi Antiche San Marino

In addition to knives and blades, multi-tools and implements such as the multipurpose pliers Armi Antiche San Marino also offers a wide range and a rich catalog of Leatherman accessories to protect the products. They are very beautiful original cases of the brand suitable for enhancing your multitools and in addition to the covers you can also buy other components such as carabiners.

Finally, the Leatherman brand offers Softair enthusiasts and not only a series of accessories to wear to always have everything you need for small repairs and interventions with you. In particular the Leatherman wearables include screwdriver, eviscerator hook, glass breaker, sim eject tool, wrench, bottle opener and much more. There are also multipurpose watches and bracelets, which help those who move outdoors for hobbies or sports never lose their bearings in space and time.

The importance of accessories for the softgunner

Who practices Airsoft at an amateur or professional level he knows the importance of accessories well and above all he knows that in the Leatherman brand he can find what he is looking for in terms of reliability and quality. Knives and multi-tools they are essential tools for those who spend a whole day outdoors and for the softgunner who moves on disconnected and rough terrain. Not only that: once the battle on the field is over, Leatherman products can also be used at home for small jobs and hobbies.

This is why it is an important investment and is recommended buy Leatherman products only on specialized sites and from qualified resellers such as San Marino Ancient Weapons, which has always been a point of reference for those who practice Softair and beyond. From the USA, the brand is now known all over the world and few experts and connoisseurs of knives and multitools claim that they do not own one of the products offered, precisely because of the guarantee of quality and reliability they offer.

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