It sometimes happens that you have to intervene on guns or airsoft rifles to be able to repair them after some mechanical failure. As we have seen in other articles, the most complex ASGs are actually the electric ones, precisely because they contain mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components. Gas or Co2 powered pistols and rifles are much simpler constructively, especially if they do not have a blow-back function, manual loading softguns almost exclusively have the mechanical-pneumatic part (commonly called the air unit) but are still quite simple.

Pistols and electric rifles instead they have more components, this is because the energy stored in the battery pack must be transformed into mechanical energy, then the rotation speed of the engine must be reduced while the torque is amplified, all this then goes on to act on the air group that generates the compressed air for firing the pellet. The gear box it is precisely the set of gears that takes care of the demultiplication of the speed of rotation, of the multiplication of force, to extract the pellet and compress the air unit spring. If you want to know in detail how a gear-box works you can search for other articles on this same blog, but today we’re talking about what are the causes of gear-box failure in airsoft pistols and rifles or at least the most common ones.

One of the factors that can lead to the breakage of parts of the gear box is the dust or debris that can end up inside the gun or electric gun, for this reason it is important to take care of the softgun and avoid dirt entering the internal mechanism as much as possible. The presence of dust, sand or other solid residue between the gears can increase friction and lead to subsequent wear break of the same components.

One shimming inadequate may be another cause of gear failure. Shimming consists in creating suitable thicknesses between the couplings of the various gears through the use of elements such as washers or similar. The shimming ensures adequate mechanical proximity of the gears avoiding excessive friction, if the shimming is wrong or absent, it can lead to premature failure of some components of the gear-box.

The strengthening of pistols and rifles for electric airsoft, which necessarily occurs (also) by upgrading the air group, can lead to excessive stress on the gear-box gears, especially when using even more powerful electric motors than those used as original equipment by the ASG. THE gear-box with plastic gears they are certainly the most delicate ones, for this reason there are replaceable metal gear sets or full metal gear box already complete. When going to upgrade an electric softgun it is important to adjust the components of the gear-box and to ensure adequate shimming.

But if your pistol, rifle or airsoft machine gun has damage to the gear boxfear not, on airsoft online catalog find all the spare parts for electric ASGs, both single components for the repair or improvement of gear-boxes, and full-metal gear boxes that you can replace on your airsoft pistol or rifle. Obviously, you will also find all the spare parts for gas or Co2 powered softguns and also everything concerning the ASG air unit. As mentioned, correct maintenance and care of the weapon are the basis for a long life and for maximum reliability, however, if they should suffer breakdowns, no problem, if the rifle or pistol is of good quality and of well-known brands, you will find every component necessary to restore its functioning or even to improve its performance!

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