The best Vortex Optics products for Softair: find out what they are

Those who practice Softair know the importance of choosing the better optics and in this case Armi Antiche San Marino recommends purchasing models with 3 to 4x magnification to better monitor the battlefield. Beginners will then orient themselves on the fixed opticsperfect for making every shot fired and much cheaper, while professionals can buy the advanced optics with IR lettering. What does it mean?

With these optics the softgunner can illuminate the internal reticle with multiple colors, making the optics perfect for fighting in dim light or in dense vegetation. So let’s see what features it has best Airsoft optics.

The characteristics of the best Airsoft optics

Among the characteristics to be evaluated inpurchase of optics for Softair There are some essential ones, namely:

  • Weight: this is the fundamental element for having a resistant product and in the case of medium-long optics it is about half a kilo;
  • Length: on the market there are long and shorter scopes depending on the position of the eyes and head;
  • Attachments: before purchasing your favorite scope, it is important to check that the ASG rifle has attachments and slides for positioning it.

As far as maintenance is concerned, few know that the scope must be cleaned with soft cloths by blowing off the dust at the end of the fight and that it must never be opened, given that the internal environment is treated with anti-fog gas. If the scope gets wet, it is better to wait for it to dry on its own or contact someone with experience in the treatment of Airsoft accessories.

Some models of Airsoft optics to take into consideration

Those who fight in the sniper role need the best Airsoft optics to be mounted on the rifle since the aiming element allows to make the difference between victory and defeat in battle. Many softgunners like to use the optical collimatorbut in any case expert players must know how to choose the best optics by type, brand and price.

Among these are the 3-9×32 Airsoft optics i.e. with magnification from 3x to 9x, while the number 32 indicates the size of the lens in front. As this number increases, the brightness also increases and generally these are lenses with a ring to change focus and zoom. Another model is the 4×28 fixed scopesmall and compact, and with a fixed magnification that cannot be changed.

Vortex Optics: a brand of excellence for Airsoft optics

On Armi Antiche San Marino it is possible buy airsoft optics from Vortex Opticsa well-known US manufacturer of optical equipment for outdoor sports, airsoft, law enforcement, hunting and wildlife and bird watching.

Among the products offered by brands there are binoculars, riflescopes, optics and other accessories which have always captured the interest and attention of professional and beginner softgunners. The company was founded in 1986 by a group of veterans who decided to open a family-owned retail store in Wisconsin.

Over time the business has expanded and has grown steadily up to the foundation of Vortex Optics in 2002 which today employs more than 200 people. The company’s activity, based on a close-knit team, aims to provide i best products in the optical sector with an always rapid and personalized service, designed to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

Each product is studied, designed and engineered starting from the most modern and innovative technologies to offer the customer the best and the company always creates new features and optical models starting from customer feedback. Today the optics from Vortex Optics they are offered by specialized sites such as Armi Antiche San Marno and by dealers located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia and elsewhere.

Features of Vortex Optics products

The optics proposed by Vortex Optics they are mostly mounted on sniper rifles to enlarge the image and improve the vision of the battlefield and the targets to be hit. The lenses proposed by the brand are characterized by different diameters and have a grid that allows the shooter to correct the aim when shooting. These are products that guarantee optimal visibility even in the event of fog and rain and at medium distances.

Among the strengths of Vortex binoculars and optics there is the fact that they are products of exceptional quality, built with i best anti-shock, waterproof and fogproof materials (can also be used in case of persistent fog). The ergonomics of the accessories for Softair is studied in detail and the construction quality is unrivaled on the market, also in terms of resistance to falling, as well as the value for money. For this reason, on the Armi Antiche San Marino website you will find the best optics for every need and with high and medium-high range characteristics.

Some of the Vortex Optics products offered on the site

On the Armi Antiche San Marino website you will find one large selection of optics, binoculars and other Vortex products among which we point out:

  • RAZOR GEN.II HD-E 1-6X24 VMR-2 MRAD scope: this is a lens studied down to the smallest detail and weighs 120 grams less than the previous version. It is recommended to buy this product to focus on short and medium range targets and the lightness of the accessory does not tire the arm during gaming sessions. The RAZOR GEN.II HD-E 1-6X24 VMR-2 MRAD scope is the top in terms of resolution, visual clarity and color reproduction fidelity, as well as for light transmission. Sleek aesthetic features 30mm aluminum tube and ultra-low profile with turrets and elevation designed for optimal performance-

In addition to the optics on the Armi Antiche San Marino website you will also find binoculars and monoculars suitable for hunting and birdwatching, with the advice to also buy the tripod always offered by Vortex Optics.

Binoculars: essential accessory for Softair

Those who love the outdoors and Softair can count on high quality binoculars from Vortex Optics, to be purchased on the Armi Antiche San Marino website based on your needs. The binoculars are useful for hunting, observation of the landscape, birdwatching and Airsoft and among the recommended products there is the Diamondback HD 12×50 binoculars with Vortex accessories.

It is a product that guarantees excellent performance at the best value for money, offering solid optics. The model is equipped with an included GlassPakTM binocular harness, which offers greater protection and comfort than traditional shoulder straps. The magnification is 12x, the objective diameter is 50mm, the linear field of view is 271ft/1000 yards, and the close focus is 6ft. This product is 16.25 cm high, 13.46 cm wide and weighs 819.30.

Other features of the Vortex binoculars are the strong grip thanks to the rubber coating and the great impact resistance, while the Argon gas prevents fogging in all weather conditions. The O-ring seals that prevent external agents from penetrating make the model waterproof, making the binoculars reliable and precise in all weather conditions.

If you are looking for the you can find the best optics and binoculars for Airsoft on Armi Antiche San Marinowhich has always offered customers the best brands in the sector, such as Vortex Optics.

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