Weapons and magazines, pellets and carbines: the softgunner’s equipment

Those who practice Softair at an amateur or professional level need to purchase the best weapons at advantageous prices and also many accessories such as magazines, silencers, pellets. It is certainly one of the most loved brands by the softgunner Brown, which he has always made pistols and magazines to increase the professionalism of Airsoft equipment and which you can buy on specialized sites such as Armi Antiche San Marino.

So let’s see some useful tips for choose the best airsoft charger and the best gun to increase performance on the battlefield.

Airsoft guns: how to choose the perfect gun

In the collective imagination when one thinks of Airsoft replicas the mind immediately goes to rifles or machine guns, but this thought is undoubtedly limiting. The reason? The military simulation is not reduced to the actual battle but it is a process that combines strategy and cunning, planning and speed of action.

Without the airsoft weapons more suitable you can win a battle, but not the war. In many cases instead of the heavy machine gun it is important to use the pistol, which is a more compact, light and manageable weapon. Just the gun allows you to fight without hindering the movements and to move easily on the territory without being seen by the enemies.

For this reason, expert softgunners who have been practicing military simulation for years not only outdoors, but also indoors, always have a pistol with them as a secondary weapon. However, choose the best airsoft gun means relying on a subjective judgement: from time to time it is important to evaluate characteristics and style of play, but also the type of battle and role during the fight.

In this regard, whoever buys the Bruni pistol he will have to choose between several types (gas, CO2, electric) and characteristics (blowback, with adjustable Hop Up), but also evaluate the type of charger and much more. To better orient yourself in the purchase of the airsoft gun it is important to contact specific and specialized online retailers able to give the customer targeted advice.

Buy Bruni guns and magazines online on sites like San Marino Ancient Weapons it means always accessing the most advantageous price and being able to receive the goods comfortably at home, provided you have sufficient experience to autonomously evaluate the characteristics and technical specifications of the product. THE best sites for Softair offer a vast assortment of guns and magazines of the Bruni brand, can count on a good number of online reviews and boast the presence of a qualified staff.

How to choose the best Bruni magazine from Softair

Among the products of the Bruni brand for Softgunners there are magazines for Softair. The best models are designed to fire up to 600 shots, except for the electric ones that reach thousands of shots even if they are more expensive. On average the airsoft rifle it holds 200 rounds and a good submachine gun fires even 500 rounds per minute. Generally the expert player prefers to open fire in bursts for long periods of time, even more than a minute.

In this way the so-called saturation fire is obtained, very different from real war scenarios in which the burst lasts only three seconds. In the best magazine models from Airsoft the substitution is carried out while shooting and it is only a matter of loading the spring that allows the pellet to be drawn and ejected from the weapon.

At the time of choice of Bruni loader for Softair a distinction must be made between:

  • Basic charger: it is not recommended in combat, even if it allows you to fire a few bursts in succession. The model plans to use a dedicated pellet loader with 100-150 rounds stored per magazine;
  • Increased magazine: it is the first upgrade of the airsoft weapon and Bruni offers different models at different prices, closely related to the capacity and quality of the magazine material. Also in this case the magazine must be replaced over time to allow the correct draft of the pellets, bearing in mind that the spring that pushes them into the gun wears out easily.

A good loader is the ideal ally for the softgunner who wants to be sure of facing the battle in the best possible way.

Bruni Guns: a brief history of the brand

Bruni Guns is a leading brand in the production of guns for Softair and pistols and magazines can be found at the best price on the Armi Antiche San Marino website. Among the proposals for the player there are blank pistols, gas pistols, complements and accessories. There history of Bruni Guns has been going on for over 50 years and today the brand is a consolidated point of reference for those who practice Softair.

The company was born in the late 1950s from an entrepreneurial idea of ​​Bruna Bruni, which after years of experience in various industrial sectors led to the birth of the Bruni company. From a simple supplier of components and weapons for sport, the brand quickly became a European manufacturer of blanks and rocket launchers for the world of sport and hunting.

In the 70s Bruni invested in the reproduction of famous weapons such as revolvers and automatic weapons for Softair and since then he has never stopped investing in the production and innovation of products and accessories for those who practice Softair. Today Bruni Guns is a consolidated company that sells in 35 countries spread over several continents and has the role of leader in the sector, with constant attention to the improvement and refinement of the products intended for the softgunner.

Some Bruni Guns products to know

There are many Bruni Guns products to know when playing Softair at an amateur and professional level, most of which are offered by online shops such as Armi Antiche San Marino. Among these we highlight:

  • Glock 17 blank pistol – Cal. 8mm – Black/Tan – Brown (BR-1400BT): it is a semi-automatic pistol in 8 mm caliber with a blued blank that also works in single action. The capacity of the Glock 17 blank pistol is 14 rounds and the weapon weighs 650 g with a length of 202 mm. The model proposed by Bruni is the perfect replica of the Glock model 17 pistol and is sold with an ABS case and cleaning brush. The operation is based on a blank cartridge which unloads the carriage and provides for the automatic ejection of the empty cartridge;
  • Co2 magazine for pistol Cal. 4.5mm(.177) Diabolo BR-1911 – Bruni (BR-CAR1911) Made by KWC: it is a CO2 powered magazine with a capacity of 6+6 Diabolo rounds and made of metal. The magazine weighs 190 grams and is suitable for the Bruni BR-1911 pistol. It includes the CO2 cylinder insertion/extraction key, which is included;
  • Beretta 92 FS 9mm Bicolor Blank Pistol (BR-1305BN): it is a nickel-colored and black blowback pistol from the Bruni brand. The weapon has a 9 caliber, is semi-automatic and made entirely of metal with plastic parts. The Beretta 92 FS blank pistol is sold with an 11-round magazine, weighs 1150 grams and is 22 cm long.

This is only a selection of the products of the brand accessories and weapons for Softair Bruni Guns, which has always been known and appreciated not only by amateur players, but also by professional ones. The invitation is to visit the site of Ancient Weapons San Marino to discover the entire catalogue.

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