Denix Decorative Weapon Replicas: A Guide for the Enthusiast

When playing a Airsoft it is not always easy to choose the best weapon and there are many models of rifles and pistols made available by specialized sites such as Armi Antiche San Marino. Among them are the decorative weapons replicas Denix. So let’s see how to choose the airsoft rifle and airsoft gun more suitable or simply buy a decorative weapon to collect. When choosing, the following must be considered:

  • Budget for the purchase of Airsoft or decorative weapons: who is a beginner should direct the choice on weapons that are not too expensive, given that it will be difficult to know the role of the game and the characteristics of the battle. The budget is an important discriminant in the choice of Airsoft weapons;
  • Role in battle: in the choice of the Airsoft pistol or rifle it is essential to evaluate the role that will be covered in the war simulation. This is an even more important technical specification than the quality and characteristics of the weapon. In any case, the weapon must allow you to play in maximum comfort, regardless of whether you play in an assault or positional role.

Denix replicas of ancient weapons: a brand known by enthusiasts

Fans of Airsoft and antique weapons certainly know Denix, a brand that was born in 1967 in Ciutadella de Menorca, in the Balearic Islands in Spain. Everything is fine decorative weapon replica becomes a piece of history to collect and use in war simulations, plays and historical re-enactments. The DENIX weapons they seem to come from antiquity and are inspired by the cultures of the whole world and by the peoples who have populated the Mediterranean and the East.

Those who choose a Denix weapon take a real dive into history and can purchase items inspired by the rifles and revolver pistols of the American civil wars or the world wars, but also by the fights of the 20th century.

Why buy the ancient weapons proposed by Denix

In his activity of reproduction of ancient weapons Denix tries to satisfy the customer’s quality requirements with a product that complies with European standards and is always safe and reliable. Today the company represents a point of reference in the decorative weapons sector and exports and works in over 40 countries around the world thanks to its official distributors.

Collectors and enthusiasts know they can find the best ancient weapons on specialized sites and portals how San Marino Ancient Weapons, which offers a rich catalog with replicas of weapons that belonged to characters from various eras and who have made history. Let’s see some examples.

Denix: for every historical period its weapon

Between Denix replicas offered by Armi Antiche San Marino there are:

  • Weapons used until the 6th century: these are daggers and swords commonly used in Classical Rome and at the time of Julius Caesar and which we have seen in films and documentaries in the hands of gladiators during fights. To this selection of weapons from the Roman period are added spears, shields, helmets and cuirasses coming directly from ancient Greece;
  • Medieval weapons used in Europe: this category of replicas of ancient weapons includes those used during the Iron Age by Vikings and barbarians, as well as those from the time of the Crusades. In this case Armi Antiche San Marino offers swords, shields and axes;
  • Weapons of the colonial era and pirates: these are the weapons that Christopher Columbus used and those of the pirates during his sea adventures. We think in particular of wooden guns;
  • Arms of the period between the 16th century and the 19th century: the name Denix derives from this historical period and is inspired by one of the warriors of Japanese mythology. The replicas of samurai weapons are very beautiful, but there are also cannons, spark pistols, percussion and dueling pistols, rifles, carabiners, rifles with bayonets or carbines;
  • Weapons of the American Civil War: a unique example are the revolver pistols, symbol of the American 19th century, but there are also rifles and carbines from the time of Abraham Lincoln.

Replicas of modern weapons Denix

Denix has always not only dealt with replicas of decorative weapons that recall the past, but also of replicas of modern weapons and in this case on the San Marino Ancient Weapons shop you can find:

  • Replicas of weapons from the world wars: these are bombs, carbines, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, daggers, machine guns that marked the bloody twentieth century and which allow the enthusiast to relive a dark period in recent history;
  • Weapons of the modern era: they are mainly those made famous by cinema, TV series and video games. We think of Colt Python, Revolver, Magnum, Kalashnikov, Ak-47, M16, AR-15, M14 and much more. If you love Revolvers then you can’t miss the Col Python, present in the video game Resident Evil 1 but also in Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Naughty Dog or Dead Frontier. This type of weapon is also present in the most famous zombie TV series, The Walking Dead.

Three DENIX weapons that surprise enthusiasts

In the rich catalog of Denix weapons proposed by Armi Antiche San Marino there are three models that surprise collectors and enthusiasts and that are used in historical reenactments. These are:

  • STG 44 DECORATIVE RIFLE, GERMANY 1943 – DENIX: it is a 1/1 scale German decorative rifle made of real metal and wood with real size. The rifle is 93 cm long and weighs 4824 grams with removable magazine and other details. The STG 44 is a semi-automatic carbine designed and manufactured in 1943 in Germany and used by the German army in the Second World War with a medium caliber and a capacity between 550 and 600 rounds per minute;
  • FRENCH RIFLE WITH BAYONET – DENIX: this weapon dates back to the Napoleonic era, is 183 cm long and weighs 2800 grams. It is a weapon with a metal barrel and bayonet and a real wood shell and the flintlock and metal alloy mechanism is functional. Being a replica, it is a weapon intended for collecting and not suitable for shooting. The weapon fires 3 rounds per minute and is purchased for historical re-enactments of the era in which Napoleon Bonaparte ruled;
  • ROMAN GLADIUS JULIUS CAESAR BLACK – DENIX: this gladius is inspired by those used by the Romans in the 1st century BC and has a decorated metal alloy handle and black polymer sheath with imitation leather. The blade is in satin finish metal alloy and Roman warriors are depicted on the weapon. The gladius has a length of 74 cm and a weight of 2545 grams and perfectly reproduces the standard weapon supplied to the legionaries of the Roman army. Also in this case Denix offers a perfect product for collecting and historical re-enactments.

Not only that: the Denix brand is also loved by modern softgunners which they simulate war scenarios of bygone eras and for this they collide on the battlefield with reproductions of ancient weapons still fully functional. All that remains is to discover the entire brand catalog and rely on specialized sites such as Armi Antiche San Marino to bring home a real piece of history and all the charm of the fights of the past, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to those of the 20th century. The replicas of ancient weapons Denix everyone really likes them and they capture the attention of collectors of all ages.

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