Today we will talk about airsoft rifles of all categories and for each of them we will recommend one of the better models of rifles. There are various types of rifles, for example there are assault rifles and sniper rifles. I fprecision weapons they are dedicated to snipers to be clear, to those who like to stay on the sidelines and take aim from afar; they are long-barreled weapons, usually with a monocle and bipod, and fire a single shot. THE assault rifles instead they are dedicated to those who love to experience the war simulation in the heart of the action, they shoot in bursts. Here are the online shotguns to buy.


There are a large number of spring loaded rifles available. They are the cheapest and perfect for those who are just starting out and need to understand what type of weapon they prefer. The spring rifle varies in shape and barrel length, optics slides or weight supports may also be available. The construction materials are also different, such as the type of shot which can be, for example, single or burst. When firing a spring gun, the pellet is obviously fired thanks to the power of the spring, the performance rightly varies according to its quality. Our staff recommends this spring gun: FN Scar-L airsoft rifle with TAN spring.


Online you will find a painstaking selection of the best gas rifles. Here we will tell you about shotguns and shotguns that work thanks to gas power. We are therefore talking about non-spring replicas that work through a compressed gas refill; after pulling the trigger, the pellet is then fired at a substantial rate. Gas shotguns fall into the category of automatic or semi-automatic or single-shot shotguns. As we have explained to you, this type of weapon therefore works thanks to the refilling of a Co2, Green gas or other type of gas canister.
We advise you: M4 CQB Blowback gas airsoft rifle black color brand WE.


The shotgun is an airsoft weapon that has a smooth barrel that uses the sliding or pumping system when it comes to carrying a new cartridge. We are talking about a short-range weapon that is used in face-to-face combat. So if you come across an enemy during a game of airsoft, you can use this shotgun. This weapon is available in spring, gas or electric. Obviously it is single shot and shoots more pellets for each cycle. Here is the advice: Spring Airsoft Rifle Fabarm STF/12-11 – Black – 3 Barrels – BO (3002B).


We end our article with one of the most loved and used weapons by airsoft players: the electric gun; this weapon obviously works on a battery, a battery that can be Li-Po or Ni-mh. How does an electric rifle work? First of all, they are customizable and with increased performance. Furthermore, they are powered by a rechargeable battery which is usually inserted inside the stock. This battery is capable of energizing the internal motor which, when the trigger is pressed, triggers a system capable of releasing the pellet or pellets. The electric rifle can fire in various ways, such as single shot or burst.
You can buy this: TR16 MBR 556WH Electric Airsoft Rifle – Black – G&G (G2L-016-WHL-BNB-NCM)

Here are all the types of airsoft rifles online. Together with their explanation we have also indicated to you which rifle is the best in our opinion. Discover all the online tactical rifles at the best price.

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