Spring airsoft pistols are good as a back up because they don’t need batteries or gas but you do have to cock them for each shot. This is when you should get a green gas airsoft pistol. These pistols are absolutely full of realism.

These airsoft pistols usually have a feature called blowback. This is a very impressive feature of these guns. After each fast squeeze of the trigger, the slide on top of the gun slides back, cocking the gun for it’s next shot. This feel of recoil adds great realism and excitement to these airsoft guns.

In addition to the blowback feature, they are semi-automatic. This means that the trigger can be pulled, firing a bb, continuously without having to pull the slide back to cock it again like on a spring pistol. With an improved rate of fire over spring pistols, these has become the preferred airsoft pistol. More and more people are demanding that all pistols be semi-automatic and even full-automatic.

I, along with many other people prefer green gas to CO2 powered airsoft pistols. These gas powered guns usually have a little more power than the CO2 pistols. I choose green gas because it seems to be more efficient. You can normally get more shots per gram of green gas than you can CO2. You may only get two or three 20 bb magazines out a CO2 cartridge. But you may be able to get 3 magazines out of an 8 second spray of green gas.

Green gas airsoft pistols also have a favorable fuel filling method. I prefer to have 2 or 3 magazines filled so i can easily reload them and not have to worry about putting a new co2 cartridge in the magazine.

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