Umarex ancient weapons: the advantages of choosing this brand

All gamers and Airsoft enthusiasts know the Umarex brandwhich you can also find on the site of San Marino Ancient Weapons with a large supply of weapons, in particular airsoft guns and rifles. Let’s see why choose this brand.

The importance of the pistol and the airsoft rifle

The rifle cannot be missing from the softgunner’s equipment, to be chosen according to one’s role in the team during battle. From time to time Umarex offers different airsoft rifles to fight to your fullest potential. Any examples?

There sniper carbine it is the ideal weapon for those who want to put their companions in a position to advance towards enemy positions, while assault weapons and professional electric rifles they are characterized by power and reliability, supporting the softgunner in every play. For beginners, the Umarex brand offers a wide range of cheap shotguns, designed to represent the right compromise between quality and price.

Another fundamental element for playing Softair and taking the field is the airsoft gun, perfect on many occasions since it allows you not to run out of shots while reloading the rifle. Not only that: the pistol is a compact and handy weapon which, compared to airsoft rifles, attracts less attention from the enemy when moving on the battlefield. Also in this case Umarex offers a wide range of models, to be chosen according to your budget and characteristics.

The history of the Umarex brand in a nutshell

For the uninitiated Umarex is a German company founded in 1972 that has always been involved in production of airguns and replicas of weapons for enthusiasts, collectors and for those who practice Softair. Over time, the brand has acquired the licenses of well-known brands such as Beretta, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Ruger Smith & Wesson and IWI, becoming a point of reference for the production of weapons worldwide.

This is why Armi Antiche San Marino has dedicated a section of its shop to the brand’s products which have always been characterized by their excellent quality-price ratio. The offer of accessories and weapons for Airsoft by Umarex includes electric, gas, and spring-loaded airsoft guns; CO2, spring and air pistols; accessories of all kinds such as ammunition, additional magazines, chronographs and targets; supports for customizing your weapons such as silencers, optics, sights, bipods, laser pointers and much more.

In particular, those who practice Softair love compressed air weapons among many others Umarex signed articles, which arise from the brand’s consolidated experience in the production of weapons. It is no coincidence that we can say that today Umarex is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of compressed air weapons for various uses and there are also products for paintball or other outdoor activities, among which we point out metal detectors, rangefinders and articles for personal defense.

As mentioned, the company, initially called UMA Mayer & Ussfeller GmbH, produced gas signal weapons and from 1979 moved on to the production of compressed air weapons. Following the acquisition of another company specializing in the production of weapons, it took the name by which it is known today by all Softair enthusiasts, UMAREX. The brand currently collaborates with prestigious brands such as Carl Walther and Smith & Wesson and is the largest arms manufacturer in the world.

This is why they can be purchased on the San Marino Ancient Weapons website berettas, pistols, machine guns, rifles, silencers, all with electric or gas operation. And that’s not all: Umarex knives and other accessories for leisure time and suitable for outdoor use join the range of Softair weapons.

To these products are added the accessories for the Softair and the best weapons Umarex for use in battles and war simulations.

The best Umarex products for Softair

Those who practice Softair must include in their equipment Umarex products as essential as weapons, including pistols and rifles for Airsoft. Among these we highlight:

  • Glock 42 Austria GEN4 Blowback Gas Airsoft Pistol – Umarex: is a black Umarex pistol produced by the officially licensed brand Glock Austria. It is a fourth generation Airsoft gun with a reinforced polymer body and official Glock logos. The trolley is made of aluminum alloy and the handle with non-slip grip. This Glock produced by Umarex is 152 mm long, weighs 387 grams and is equipped with an under barrel slide for attaching accessories. The safety that prevents accidental shots is very practical, the hop up system is adjustable and the Blowback is highly realistic as the pistol is equipped with the Glock Technology blowback system;
  • Glock 17 Austria Blowback Gas Airsoft Pistol GEN. 3 black – Umarex: black color, reinforced polymer body and Glock logos characterize this 3rd generation weapon that works with green gas. The pistol fires a single shot and has a 23-round magazine. The Blowback is realistic with Glock Technology blowback system, the hop up system is adjustable and the Glock trigger safety is functional. This pistol is equipped with a die-cast aluminum alloy slide, a non-slip grip handle, rear sights and an under-barrel slide for accessories such as a flashlight or laser.

Features of the best Airsoft gun and rifle

When you buy one airsoft gun it is good to know that these are not toys, since the pellets fired at high speed can cause serious injuries. In any case it is important to buy a quality gun, which reproduces the original one in terms of characteristics and materials.

When choosing a airsoft pistol, it is advisable to pay attention to the weight and rounds of the magazine, but also to the presence of an automatic slide or to the fact of having to load it manually after each shot. This is a detail that affects the softgunner’s reaction. Very coveted are the Airsoft guns with blowback, which emulate the recoil of the slide. Among the advantages of Airsoft pistol proposed by Umarex there are:

  • Aesthetics: a beautiful pistol is made with great care and attention to detail in every component to be a faithful reproduction of the original weapon;
  • Material: these are objects that must be resistant and last over time. A characteristic that unites Umarex weapons provided you take care of them.

Finally, the best airsoft gun it’s a fun accessory to use.

Equally important is the choice of Umarex airsoft rifle which must be done according to the role in battle. It is a weapon that reproduces the ASG rifle supplied to the armed forces and which can be light or heavy, long or short. In any case, they can be found on specialized sites such as Armi Antiche San Marino Umarex rifles suitable for every player and designed to balance budget and quality, aesthetics and performance.

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