Tactical gloves and other accessories for JS Tactical Airsoft

Many think that to play Softair it is enough to have a 1J power gun, pellets and protective glasses, but this is not the case. L’softgunner equipment it also includes a whole series of accessories ranging from tactical gloves to backpacks and so on and which always guarantee perfect protection and comfort for the player.

The importance of tactical gloves from Airsoft

Among the essential accessories of the softgunner are tactical gloves, perfect for protecting your hands not only from the cold and dense vegetation, but also from the shots fired by your opponents. When choosing the best Softair glove, breathability is essential, which in most cases is guaranteed by the nylon and the holes.

As for the material to prefer, green light for microfibre, which guarantees maximum comfort and perfect finger sensitivity. The grip on the palm of the hand and the protection of the knuckles must not be missing. In general in the choice of best airsoft glove we recommend that you consider:

  • Comfort: a thick glove prevents freedom of movement and the perfect grip on objects. During the fight the hands are busy arranging the mask, loading the rifle and tying the shoes and for this reason the ideal glove does not take up too much space;
  • Aesthetics: the advice of Armi Antiche San Marino is to combine the glove with the camouflage suit to make the Airsoft clothing coherent.

In addition to these characteristics, it is important to evaluate the padding of the glove and the presence of plastic knuckle protectors.

Multipurpose backpack: essential element for those who practice Airsoft

On the Armi Antiche San Marino website, in addition to the best gloves offered by JS Tactical find it too multipurpose backpack, suitable not only for battle, but also for travel and camping. In this case it is advisable to purchase a high-level product with a minimum capacity of 25 litres. The advice is to choose a resistant and waterproof backpack made with the latest generation fabrics and equipped with zips for quick opening of the various compartments.

JS-Tactical: the reference point for the softgunner

Forever JS-Tactical is the reference company for Softair and specializes in the production of replica weapons, accessories and ammunition as well as tactical clothing to ensure the perfect experience during military simulation. Among the products in the Armi Antiche San Marino catalog and available for purchase online, there are weapons, scopes and red dots, but also crossbows, silencers, gloves, backpacks, pellets and clothing.

These are ideal accessories to improve the gaming experience and to choose according to your needs to always feel comfortable and at ease even in adverse weather conditions and on rough battlefields. All the JS-Tactical products offered by Armi Antiche San Marino they are essential to win the Softair game and for this reason they are present on the shop.

The best JS-Tactical products for Airsoft

As mentioned, a good gun is not enough to make the difference between winning or losing a game of Softair and for this reason the selection of JS-Tactical products present on Armi Antiche San Marino includes:

  • 50 liter backpack with side pockets and pouch Multicam(EX-V16M): it is a large backpack with side pockets and fanny pack in camouflage army green color and perfect for battle. The 600 denier fabric makes it durable and thanks to being water repellent it’s perfect for outdoor life. The backpack straps are made from 100% polypropylene and the backpack has an internal bladder and hydro bladder attachment. Back and shoulder straps are padded to ensure maximum comfort and the shoulder strap is adjustable with a D-ring mechanism. Complete the whole thing with a removable pouch with two pockets;
  • Warrior Multicam Js-Tactical Vest (JSWAR-MG-MUL): it is the ideal piece of clothing to protect the body from the cold and the pockets allow you to store the objects necessary for combat. The shirt is in multicam color with zip closure and closes with velcro, which is also present on the cuffs to adjust them. Like many other tactical clothing items, it has elbow pads, which are removable while the material is typical of military clothing. An external Teflon coating makes it water-repellent and it is a very comfortable Softair shirt to wear even in extreme situations thanks to the double layer in the points most subject to wear;
  • Sniper VSR10 Up-Grade Js-Tactical air rifle black: it is a black Airsoft carbine also produced by JS Tactical. The weapon has an ABS body and open stock and is equipped with a reinforced 18 kg spring for professional play, while the piston and spring guide are made of aluminum. The weapon is perfect for precision long-range shooting and features manual loading, an adjustable hop-up system and a 25-round magazine. The Sniper VSR10 Up-Grade rifle measures 116 cm, weighs 3500 grams, fires a single shot at a shooting speed of 320 fps with a 0.20 gr pellet and the shooting distance varies from 50 to 60 meters depending on the conditions.

Where to buy the best JS Tactical products

JS Tactical backpacks, weapons, clothing and gloves they are products appreciated by all softgunners and the San Marino Ancient Weapons catalog offers hundreds of them. This is why the site has become the reference point for those looking for a specific product to enrich their tactical endowment and professional equipment, but also for the beginner softgunner looking for inspiration on the first things to buy to practice Airsoft. In any case on Armi Antiche San Marino you will find only the best products for Airsoftincluding those proposed by JS Tactical, a company with an enviable background and know-how made possible by years and years of experience.

Properly equipping yourself for Airsoft games is not simple and for this reason Armi Antiche San Marino recommends starting from a basic set which includes:

  • Camouflage suit comfortable and resistant, made of technical and breathable fabric and reinforced in the points most subject to wear;
  • Protective goggles or mask to defend the face from the blows of the pellets fired by the opponent;
  • Tactical gloves to protect fingers and knuckles from pellets, vegetation and bumps;
  • Airsoft boots or combat shoes breathable and water-repellent to move comfortably and easily even on the steepest terrain;
  • Weapons and bullets for combat to choose depending on the role in battle.

To this are added many other accessories useful to the softgunner such as water bottles, optics and red dots, binoculars and so on. These are products offered by JS-Tactical in different price ranges to adapt to every budget and medium-high quality accessories suitable for the beginner and expert softgunner. All that remains is to analyze what you need to get started play Airsoft and visit the San Marino Ancient Weapons online shop, which has always been a point of reference for fans of this sport. Not only that: only on Armi Antiche San Marino you will always find the Airsoft products at the best price and many special offers to be discovered as well as the advantage of being able to conveniently buy weapons, clothing and accessories online for a sport that fascinates more and more people in Italy and around the world.

JS Tactical is a company specialized in the Softair sector and is highly appreciated by those who have been using its quality equipment for years now.

In the Js-Tactical catalog you can find a wide range of specific products for simulated warfare sessionsfor example: air soft guns such as electric submachine guns and carbines, optics and red dots to implement the weapons, magazines, hand guards, silencers, shells for spring-loaded rifles, shell holders, pellets also in spare formats.

Also, this brand produces tools and accessories that come out of the exclusive world of Airsoft to expand to the outdoor world as well. For example: marbles for slingshots and crossbows, digital chronographs, binoculars, torches, bottle holder pockets, wind and waterproof jackets, amphibians, uniforms, backpacks, tactical vests, water repellent shirts, half face masks, hats and much more.

Js-Tactical offers several quality rifles and submachine guns, such as the M4A1 CQB Airsoft submachine gun made entirely of metal, with crane stock, metal gear box, high speed super power-long axle motor and adjustable metal hop hup system. This submachine gun has many accessories included in the package, such as an oversized 300-round magazine, a rod for cleaning the barrel, 300 0.25 pellets and 5 slides to customize the weapon with the accessories you prefer such as optics and red dot.

Another very particular weapon is the VSR10 Tactical Sniper Airsoft Rifle spring loaded with manual loading and equipped with 25-round magazine, abs stock and equipped with weaver slides for scope and accessories.

JS-Tactical together with a wide range of rifles also offers many related and useful accessories such as High Grade biodegradable pellets of different types, magazines and various spare parts, as well as camouflage tactical clothing, optics and much more.

Discover now all the weapons, spare parts and accessories produced by the brand specialized in Softair JS-Tactical!

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