The best rifles for Airsoft: features and which ones to buy

Experienced fighters and professional softgunners need to be able to count on a good airsoft rifle like the one proposed above San Marino Ancient Weapons from the brand G&G Armaments. Let’s see which ones to choose and the best Airsoft guns on the market.

The importance of a good Airsoft rifle

The fighter equipped with a good airsoft rifle can win the battle provided that the chosen weapon is not heavy or cumbersome. Not only. The purchase of best airsoft rifle it depends on the characteristics of the person: those who are agile and fast will have to prefer a airsoft rifle manageable and light, while the robust player will have to focus on assault rifles and cover fire, while those who want to go on the attack will choose rifles with a rate of fire and a large magazine.

In the offer of airsoft rifles offered by the G&G ARMAMENT brand there are sniper ones, as well as semi-professional models suitable for expert fighters. In this case, these are rifles that do not include batteries and chargers in the package, as they are accessories that the expert softgunner will be able to choose and purchase separately based on their needs.

G&G ARMAMENT brand: a point of reference in the sale of airsoft rifles

On the Armi Antiche San Marino website you can find many models of rifles offered by G&G Armaments at an exceptional price. The company was founded in 1986 in Taipei and is also known in Taiwan under the name of Guay Guay Trading Co. Ltd. It has always been dedicated to production of airsoft weapons and to replicas of military and police weapons. To date he offers more than 100 types of replicas all over the world, characterized by great precision and stability and therefore appreciated by professional softgunners.

The well-known brand works constantly on the research and study of new designs and materials to make guns and pistols more and more elaborate and to guarantee the customer the highest quality with weapons in all respects identical to the real ones. Each G&G ARMAMENT product is made with computer aided design operations such as CNC turning, which guarantees maximum precision and allows the final user of the weapon to count on the best possible user experience.

It is no coincidence that Armi Antiche San Marino has also decided to offer the best weapons and accessories for Airsoft of G&G ARMAMENT and today on the site you can buy a wide selection of magazines, electric guns, silencers, flash hiders, pellets, carbines and much more, all at an extremely competitive price.

Electric rifles: a valid ally of the professional softgunner

Among the range of Softair weapons offered by G&G ARMAMENT there are the electric airsoft guns. Undoubtedly i electric guns they are the most popular when it comes to Airsoft weapons due to their flexibility and comfort. Use a Airsoft electric rifle allows the softgunner to focus all his attention on the game without being distracted by anything else. With these rifles you can fire bursts of shots, even if power and accuracy are not always at the top. However, this depends a lot on the type of weapon used.

The operating mechanism of the electric gun it is based on a battery operated by electricity, which sets in motion some gears that start the shot. Among the most popular electric rifles by professional softgunners and you can buy at the best price on Ancient Weapons San Marino there are:

  • Electric Rifle G&G Armament CM16 ARP9 CQB Carbine Black by Softair: it is a battery-powered model with a black polymer body and different automatic firing modes: single shot, burst, with safety. The electric gun is equipped with an oversized 5″ m-lok handguard in cnc aluminum and adjustable gos-v5 pdw stock with mini type battery holder tube. It is a weapon with exceptional performance, designed to leave the softgunner speechless with a weight of 2350 grams and an adjustable length ranging from 500 to 590 mm. In the package there are the CM16 ARP9 CQB electric rifle and a 300-round magazine;
  • Electric rifle G&G Armament CM16 SRL Tan/Black/SRLX: this electric gun model is part of the Combat Machine Line by G&G Armament and is available in different colors. The model includes colored polymer, electronic trigger with metal trigger guard and Mofset system. The whole is completed by the metal gear box with 18000 Rpm HI-Torque Lungo motor and 260 mm internal chain. The Hop Up system is present and adjustable and allows you to shoot 6 mm pellets automatically or with a single shot. As regards the physical characteristics of the rifle, it is a weapon that weighs 2300 grams and has an adjustable length from 715 to 810 mm. Inside the package are the shotgun, a 300-round GMAG-V1 magazine, a barrel cleaner rod and the instruction booklet;
  • G&G Armament SR25 TopTech full Metal electric rifle With QD silencer: this rifle is also much loved by professional softgunners and is a full metal with removable QD silencer, trigger and trigger guard with black metal. The stock is fixed and the weapon features an ambidextrous magazine release button and a folding rear sight. As in the previous models, there is a latest generation metal gear box with a variable pitch 1 joule spring. There is also a Hop Up system and the external barrel measures from 495 to 330 mm with a maximum total length of the rifle of 1175 mm for a weight of 3900 grams. The G&G Armament SR25 TopTech full Metal electric gun fires 6 mm pellets of all types automatically and with single shots, even if it is recommended to use the 0.25 gram ceramic ones.

In any case these are just some of the Softair electric gun models proposed by G&G Armament and that you can buy at a special price on Armi Antiche San Marino, the brand’s official dealer and always a guarantee of safety and reliability for those who practice Softair at an amateur or professional level.

The other products of the G&G ARMAMENT brand on Armi Antiche San Marino

Not just electric guns: Armi Antiche San Marino offers one wide range of G&G products that include magazines, gas pistols, pellets, gear sets, optics, electric motors for Airsoft and so much more. If the shotgun is a player’s favorite weapon, many prefer to buy the shotgun as well COLT model gas airsoft pistol with semi-automatic operation, single shot and with safety.

In any case, the advice is to evaluate your physical characteristics and the role you play in battle before buying combat weapons and choose from time to time between electric rifles or airsoft pistols. Whatever your decision, from Armi Antiche San Marino you can buy everything you need for your equipment, including weapons and accessories from the well-known G&G Armament brand.

All that remains is to browse the rich catalog of products available online to find the one that best suits your needs and style of play, without forgetting that a good shotgun can really make the difference between victory in battle or defeat in the field. In addition to the weapon, remember to stock up on pellets and a good magazine… we just have to wish you a lot of fun!

G&G is one of the main and best-known brands that deal with the creation of replicas of weapons and accessories for Softair. We at love this Taiwanese brand for its large production and for the care it puts into each of its replicas, accessories or spare parts.

G&G is a company founded in 1986 in Taipei Taiwan. From the beginning it has been involved in producing replicas of weapons for the Airsoft and reproductions of military and police equipment. The G&G Armament brand was launched in 2001 and today produces more than 100 types of replicas that are sold all over the world.

Among the iconic reproductions we find shotguns like the Gas Springfield, the real wood M1 Garland electric rifle and the Kar98. To the delight of enthusiasts and softgunners, G&G not only offers historical weapons but also faithful reproductions of modern weapons such as the electric gun TR16rifle M4 in all its variations and updates, the electric gun MP5 and many others.

Among these historic and modern shotguns, the Electric Rifle Type 64 Mosfet E Etu with real wood stock, aluminum barrel, Etu and Mosfet with optical sensor, hop up present and adjustable. This masterpiece fires single shots or bursts, has front and rear metal flip up sights and is undoubtedly a high quality airsoft rifle.

Exceptional too CM16 Lmg machine gun – Mosfet Etu with bipod, 2500 bb electric magazine, metal gearbox, adjustable hop up, long shaft motor and alloy outer barrel with flash hider. This submachine gun fires single shots and full auto, has a safety and overall is an exceptional product.

Discover now all the weapons and accessories produced by the brand specialized in Softair G&G!

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