Electric rifles and airsoft guns: how to choose and which ones to buy

Most softgunners can count on the equipment to play Airsoft on the electric rifle, which represents the faithful reproduction of the weapons supplied to the army. Let’s find out more about Airsoft electric rifles and know the Cybergun brandpresent on the shop Ancient Weapons San Marino with a rich proposal of Softait rifles and pistols.

The characteristics of the airsoft electric gun

The electric rifle it is certainly one of the most popular weapons among those who practice Softair and in particular among beginners. The reason for the choice is its convenience and ease of use, which allows the player to concentrate 100% on the battle. In fact, this weapon is designed to fire bursts of shots and the only flaw is the not always optimal power.

As for the working mechanism, the Airsoft electric rifle proposed by Cybergun it is battery powered and runs on electricity that drives the gears. Mostly these are weapons made of full metal or ABS that reproduce the real weapon in all respects and guarantee high performance even during the most intense battles.

Some models of airsoft electric guns to know

Between models of electric rifles from Airsoft to know there is the M4 assault rifle: it is a rifle produced since 1994 in the USA which is very light and easy to handle and which for this reason has been adopted as a service weapon by the United States Army. As for the M4 from Softair it is one of the most used models with metal parts and reinforced ABS that make it suitable for close combat.

Another model is the M16 assault rifle produced from 1969 to 1994 and faithful reproduction of the AR-15. It’s about the Airsoft electric rifle preferred by beginners for its cheapness even if it is not very customizable. Another assault rifle is the G36, highly modular and customizable and designed to mount magazines of 30 or 100 rounds. It is a light, small and easy to handle model perfect for CQB.

No less interesting is theAK47one of the assault rifles best known in history and weapon adopted by many armies. The Airsoft version is characterized by a wide variety of models, colors and materials and the rifle boasts a metal gearbox and gears, while the stock is in painted ABS. Finally, the softgunner cannot fail to know the M14 battle rifle, forerunner of the M16 and with an automatic and semi-automatic selective fire capability. The magazine of this rifle holds 20 rounds.

In general, those who practice Softair can count on real replicas of the weapons supplied to the armies of the world and experience the game like a real war. The advice is to buy the best airsoft electric gun from specialized shops and sites such as Armi Antiche San Marino and choose models from famous brands such as Cybergun.

The Cybergun brand specializing in airsoft rifles and pistols

There is one of the brands on the Armi Antiche San Marino website Cyberguns, which produces first-rate weapons, ammunition and also useful accessories such as pepper spray and rechargeable torches. Between best products for Airsoft we find electric rifles, carbines, machine guns, pistols all made of metal or ABS. And also magazines, flashlights, repair kits, red dots, customization rails, exhaust valves, muffler adapter, sights and much more.

The history of the brand began in 1983 from an idea by Jérôme Marsac and Vincent Bouvet who decided to create replicas of pistols that shoot 6mm pellets. These are 100% faithful to the original weapons and for this Cybergun obtains the licenses of the great gun manufacturers including Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, Desert Eagle and many others.

In 2004 the company grew on the American market with the opening of Airsoft Depot stores and in 2007 the company acquired Tech Group, a company specialized in paint-ball for children. Since then and until today, Cybergun has never stopped growing and continues to produce products of excellence in its field. With his great experience the company realizes today Softair products and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert: in any case on Armi Antiche San Marino you can find pistols and Electric airsoft guns made by Cybergun and designed to offer the best performance on the battlefield.

Some models of Cybergun weapons to be used for Airsoft

The Cybergun weapons catalog to use for Airsoft is truly endless and everyone can find the weapon suitable for combat to win the battle and the simulated war sessions. Between best airsoft electric guns offered by Cybergun there are:

  • Sig Sauer 556 Full Metal Tan Electric Airsoft Rifle – Cybergun: it is a Tan-colored electric gun, it is made with an entirely metal body, is equipped with a brass barrel and is equipped with a comfortable polymer handguard in reinforced ABS. The Sig Sauer 556 Electric Rifle is equipped with the latest generation metal gear box, adjustable hop up system and long shaft high torque motor. Shoot 6 mm pellets of all types in two modes: single shot or burst. Very practical, this weapon has a 4-position retractable V3 tactical stock, 4 weaver slides for attaching accessories, an oversized 450 bb magazine, a flip-up rear sight that disappears into the ris and the rear sight flip-up front. It is a airsoft weapon able to satisfy even the most demanding players and it is the classic rifle for veterans;
  • Electric Rifle M4 CQB RIS Carabine Short Barrel With COLT Logos – Cybergun: it is a professional Colt M4A1 submachine gun with original Colt logos, made with a polymer body, adjustable hop up system, metal gear box, brass barrel and cylinder and totally metal gears. Suitable for beginners, the shotgun with closed stock measures only 68 cm, and with the open stock it reaches 76 cm, weighing only 2.7 kilos. The M4A1 submachine gun fires 6 mm pellets of all types automatically, with a single shot or in bursts, at a shooting distance that varies from 40 to 50 metres, even if the manufacturer recommends the 0.25 ceramic. The lightness and handling of the M4A1 submachine gun are appreciated above all if the softgunner has to hold the weapon for many hours and among the strengths of this Cybergun electric rifle there is also the excellent value for money.

Why buy Cybergun weapons

Ancient Weapons San Marino recommends buy Cybergun weapons whether you are approaching the game of Airsoft, whether you are a veteran or a professional. In any case a model of Cybergun electric gun allows you to take the field properly equipped and ready to face any scenario and context of the game. The suggestion is to buy your Airsoft guns only on specialized sites to bring home quality equipment at the best price.

If you have decided to become passionate about Softair on Armi Antiche San Marino you will not only find the best airsoft rifles and pistolsbut also clothing and accessories suitable for every need.

Cyberguns is a famous brand in the Airsoft field, which produces weapons, ammunition and useful accessories such as pepper spray and rechargeable torches.

It is a French company founded in 1983 and specialized in the production of ASG items, which has been operating in this field for many years, making accurate and high-performance reproductions of weapons that took part in the most famous battles in history. Thanks to the accuracy of the replicas, Cybergun has managed to obtain the licenses from over 20 major gun manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, Desert Eagle and many others.

In the brand’s production we can find a vast selection of electric rifles, carbines, machine guns, pistols, magazines, torches, repair kits, red dots, customization slides, exhaust valves, silencers, sights and much more.

In the catalog there are gods M4 electric rifles in different variations, there are replicas of Scar L rifles present in both black and desert colors, as well as gas and CO2 pistols for close quarters or when the magazine of the main weapon is depleted.

One of Cybergun’s best Airsoft guns is the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle full metal with M-Lok style handguard, standard Weaver top rail for mounting scopes and accessories and adjustable stock for maximum stability. This replica has an oversized 300-round magazine, a Mosfet to increase reactivity, adjustable and removable Flip Up sights and a long shaft torque motor.

One of the brand’s gems is the small one Junior Gas Pistol GBB Black Colt full metal equipped with official Colt logos, equipped with Blow Back, adjustable hop up, which shoots at 215 fps and works with a single shot with gass or green gas supply. The magazine of this pistol, which fits in the palm of your hand, is 6 + 1 rounds.

Discover now all the weapons and accessories produced by the brand specialized in Softair Cybergun!

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