Among the proposals of airsoft weapons there is undoubtedly the Airsoft Pistol TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METALproposed by the Cybergun brand with Royalty Taurus and available online 100% original and at the best price.

It’s about a CO2 airsoft gun with the original “Taurus” logos silk-screened on the metal body. This airsoft weapon it has a 6 mm caliber with semi-automatic and automatic operation, adjustable hop up and under barrel slide to accommodate extra accessories. The dimensions of the replica of the original Airsoft weapon are as follows: length of 22 cm and total weight of 1140 grams.

There Airsoft Pistol TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METAL it is perfect for completing the Airsoft equipment of the amateur and professional player and allows you to win every battle and fight on the field. The package includes a pistol, a removable 27 pellet magazine, 100 pellets of 0.20 grams and an instruction booklet.

Technical sheet of the TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METAL Airsoft Pistol

Who buy the TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METAL Airsoft pistol buy a black CO2 loaded weapon of the Cybergun brand with the following technical characteristics:

  • All metal (Full Metal)
  • 6mm calibre
  • Semi-automatic and automatic operation
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Removable 27 pellet magazine
  • With slide under the barrel for accessories.

Operating mechanism of the TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METAL Airsoft Pistol

There Taurus PT99 Auto CO2 Blowback Full Metal Airsoft pistol it is a replica firearm that uses CO2 gas to power the firing system. Below, I will explain its working mechanism.

  1. CO2 gas loading: The Taurus PT99 pistol uses CO2 gas cartridges as an energy source. The CO2 cartridge is inserted into the special compartment in the pistol butt.
  2. Loading of pellets: The gun uses plastic pellets called “BBs”. These pellets are loaded into the magazine, which is then inserted into the lower part of the pistol grip.
  3. Armament: To cock the pistol, the slide on top of the pistol is pulled back. This process compresses the internal hammer and initializes the firing system.
  4. I shoot: When the trigger is pulled, the pressure applied to the trigger is transferred to the internal hammer, which is released. The hammer strikes the CO2 cartridge exhaust valve in the magazine well, releasing a small amount of high pressure CO2 gas.
  5. Bullet ejection: The high pressure CO2 gas is channeled through an internal barrel towards the ball placed in the magazine. The gas pressure pushes the pellet out of the barrel with enough force to fire it.
  6. Recoil and reload: After firing, the sliding slide is pushed back by gas pressure and recoil. During this movement, the empty (dummy) case in the upper part of the pistol is ejected. The sliding slide is then pushed forward by the recoil spring, loads a new pellet from the top of the magazine, and locks into the position ready for another shot.

Where to buy the TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Anyone looking for the Airsoft pistol TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 can buy it on sites and portals specialized in weapons and equipment for Airsoft at the best price and with the guarantee of taking home a 100% original replica. The advice is to choose the TAURUS PT99AUTO CO2 BLOWBACK FULL METAL Airsoft Pistol if you are looking for a compact and handy weapon to use in combat and in the practice of the Softair game.

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