One of the most popular airsoft guns used today is the M4. While this gun is great for more open areas of play it tends to not be the best close quarter battle weapon, or CQBW for short. However the addition of the affordable tactical duostock to your M4 airsoft gun can make it a very effective and enjoyable CQB weapon without affecting its open area abilities.

How Does The Tactical DuoStock Work?

The tactical duostock was designed to be a direct replacement on most all AR15 and M4 variants of rifles and since most airsoft guns are almost exact replicas it fits them perfectly also. Installation takes only seconds as all you have to do is slide the old stock off the buffer tube and install the new stock. You can then adjust it to your preferred length just by simply pushing in the adjusting lever and sliding it to your preferred length.

How Strong Is It

This replacement stock is made of a high impact shatter resistant lightweight material and was designed for military,SWAT and civilian use and is currently being used in both Afghanistan and Iraq so breaking it in an airsoft skirmish will be next to impossible. However if you do break it there is a lifetime warranty on the product. You also have the choice of black or tan.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Duo Stock

When the designers where developing this product they wanted something that gave weapon handlers and operators a way to increase accuracy,speed up their ability to acquire targets and make the weapon easier and more consistent performer. This is exactly what the replacement stock does and does well. You will notice a definite way your airsoft gun feel sand performs right after adding it. Plus it gives just a bit more realism to your airsoft experience as well.

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