If you are passionate about airsoft, you know that the right clothing is essential to enjoy your battles to the fullest. Let’s see together the essential clothing to practice airsoft safely and some useful accessories that can improve your gaming experience.

The camouflage suit and the belt: the basic clothing for airsoft

The camouflage suit and the belt are the first items of clothing which you should buy if you want to practice airsoft. The camo suit allows you to blend into the surrounding terrain and escape the eyes of your opponents, while the belt allows you to carry the magazines and other accessories you need.

You can also buy these items of clothing second hand, saving you money without compromising your safety. In general, you should look to purchase good quality tactical clothing that will protect you from any pellet fire and that is weather resistant.

The tactical vest or gibernation: the versatile garment for airsoft

The tactical vest or vest is one of the most versatile items of clothing for airsoft. This garment features many pockets, allowing you to carry everything you need with you during battle. In particular, you can use it to hold magazines, a water bottle and personal items such as keys or a wallet.

Some tactical vests are also equipped with a camelback, which is a bag for water to fill and a tube to drink from. This is the ideal solution if you want to hydrate during the game without having to stop or leave your hands free.

Gloves for airsoft: a personal choice

Airsoft gloves are another useful accessory to protect your hands from shots. However, wearing gloves may result in reduced hand sensitivity and increased finger perspiration. Alternatively, you can opt for fingerless gloves, which offer you partial protection without compromising the sensitivity of your hands.

The neck cover: an additional protection for your body

Finally, theA neck cover is another useful accessory for airsoft. You can use a small scarf, scarf or keffiyeh to protect your neck from shots and injuries caused by branches or leaves. This accessory is also useful as a lower face cover for those not using a full face mask.

Additional accessories for airsoft tactical clothing include knee and elbow pads, which provide protection against pellets being dropped and shot. These accessories are particularly important for those who practice airsoft in urban environments, where the terrain can be rough and dangerous. The knee and elbow pads can be purchased as separate accessories or as part of a complete protection kit.

Another essential component of airsoft tactical clothing is shoes. It is important to wear comfortable, sturdy shoes with non-slip soles to avoid slips and falls while playing. Hiking or trail running shoes are a great choice for this sport, as they offer adequate cushioning and foot protection.

Finally, an accessory that should never be missing in airsoft tactical clothing is the protective mask. Protective masks come in different designs and materials, but they all serve the same purpose: to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from shot and paint splashes. The choice of protective mask should be made with care, taking into account the comfort, visibility and quality of the material.

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