If you are looking for the best M4 airsoft gun for sale today you need to look no farther then the SRC gen III M4 series of guns. These industry leaders have taken the performance and design to a new level that is not yet produced by any other manufacturer. So why are SRC Gen III M4 airsoft guns the best on the market? Keep reading the article below to find out!

Ultra Solid Construction

One of the first things that will strike you about these guns is the solid and durable construction, and the realistic weight.This weight and toughness comes from the simple fact that the guns are made from heavy duty aluminum and steel and the only non metal parts on the weapon are the stock and pistol grip, and even these are made from nylon fiber and not ABS plastic. Bottom line is that these guns are made to hold up for a long time and will have no wobble at all!

Best Gearbox Around

Where it gets really interesting is the inside the new SRC Gen III gearbox. unlike standard airsoft gearboxes that often skimp corners the designers at SRC wanted to produce a mech box that needed no upgrades to make it a solid performer. They included many items stock that other manufacturers consider up grades these include the following

  • 8mm Ball Bearings
  • O-ringed Air Nozzle
  • Double O-ringed Piston
  • Double O-Ring Cylinder Head
  • Steel Gear Set
  • Aluminum Spring Guide With Ball Bearing
  • Reinforced Gearbox Housing

Awesome Shooting Performance

Along with the solid construction and awesome gearbox the designers of this weapon also wanted it to shoot great right out of the box and require no modifications to be a top performer in its class. To accomplish this they designed many nice features into the stock gun.

  • 6.04 mm Barrel
  • Metal Hop Up Chamber
  • High Torque Motor
  • Extra M120 Spring Included For Higher FPS (Installation required)

How It All Comes Together

These final touches produce a airsoft gun that will shoot around 330-350 FPS and be dead on accurate. In addition you can install the M120 spring to get your SRC M4 airsoft gun to shoot around 370-400 FPS and have a cycle rate of about 16 RPS on a 9.6 volt Ni-Mh pack and be very accurate out to 150 ft.

Source by Daryle A. Sewell

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