Many wonder what to buy in the airsoft catalogs to start playing, alone or in company, obviously we are talking about newbies who approach airsoft for the first time. If you already have some experience, perhaps you can skip reading this article and we suggest instead reading the technical section (where you can find useful information and explanations) and also reading the articles that talk about specific models of guns or airsoft. Obviously we’re happy if you want to spend a few minutes reading this article too, but let’s get on with today’s topic!

What to buy to start playing airsoft? Assumptions articles with gas gun.

As you know, there are various types of airsoft guns

  • if you want to know more we can suggest you this quite exhaustive article

But today we consider a gas model. Let’s start with a model that is aesthetically beautiful, well built but simple and with a good price, then let’s see which accessories are essential and which ones can be implemented later.

We could opt for this Beretta 92FS gas airsoft pistol with fixed and branded barrel HFCs (the one on the cover). The manufacturer is one of the best and in this case offers a replica with a very low price (about 35.00 euros at the time of writing) and which you can order here

A Beretta 92FS replica, therefore a nice classic, here with a length of 230 mm and a weight of 430 grams. It runs on gas and shoots normal 6 mm pellets in single-shot semi-automatic mode at a distance of 30-40 metres. The magazine contains 14 rounds. It has a black ABS body and fixed slide, a very simple pistol from a mechanical point of view and with good performance.

In order to use this ASG you will also need one green gas cylinder to be able to fill its magazine (the magazine contains both 6 mm pellets and gas) and for this purpose we must say a few words. There are various types of gas refills for airsoft, if you are looking for maximum performance for this replica Beretta 92FSyou may prefer high pressure and high performance gas cylinders, we list some products as an example:

  • Green Gas 150 PSI 560ml Elite Force Umarex
  • Green gas refill cylinder for high performance airsoft – 750 ml DIABLO
  • Green Gas 130 PSI 600ML Elite Force Umarex
  • Green Gas 130 PSI SEC 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green Gas 130 PSI WITH SILICONE 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas 150 PSI WITH SILICONE 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Extreme performance green gas! 3.0 – 1000ml by WE
  • Extreme Performance Airsoft Green Gas 3.0 – 1000 ml by Nuprol
  • Ultra Extreme Performance Green Gas 4.0 – 1000ml by Nuprol

You can’t go wrong with these refills, you will have the maximum performance of your airsoft gun and you can play with it even when it’s a little cold outside without losing too much power. They are high-level products marketed by the best airsoft brands.

You will also need some pellets (also called BBs) which you can find here

There are many different brands and types, to simplify we can say that you can look for 0.20 gram or 0.25 gram ceramic or other biodegradable pelletsyou can’t go wrong with these … look for a package with quantities compatible with your needs, avoiding ordering extreme weights, for example 0.10 grams or on the contrary 0.45 grams, those of intermediate weight that we have suggested will certainly be fine.

Now you definitely need to protect your eyesas mentioned another hundred times, a few euros are enough to buy ballistic protective glasses, they are a simple and cheap precaution, you can find them here

Let’s say that with the gas pistol, the ammunition, the gas refill cylinder and the ballistic protective goggles, you have everything you need to start having fun, if you think you can play even in the evening you can look for an LED flashlight or a laser to be able to mount on your gun, the one we have proposed, or the replica of Beretta 92FS by HFC, also has a standard under barrel rail for mounting accessories like these. If you play in winter you can also buy tactical gloves, you can also find these on the same airsoft online store that we have already indicated.

With these few articles you are immediately operational to play airsoft, with a cost of around 75.00 euros you can in fact buy this replica, a good pack of pellets, a high-performance gas cylinder and eye protection goggles. A very low cost to have items from excellent brands in the world of airsoft! Good fun!

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