Many wonder what to buy in the airsoft catalogs to start playing, we also talked about it a few days ago but referring to a green gas pistol and an overall budget (for the ASG and other accessories) of 75.00 euros. Today we talk about what to buy with a budget of around 100 euros but we will do it with a different type of pistol, one powered by Co2

What to buy to start playing airsoft? Article hypothesis with Co2 gun

There Taurus PT92 full-metal Co2 airsoft pistol with fixed trolley marketed by Cyberguns it seems to us an interesting option with the indicated budget. This manufacturer is also one of the best and in this case offers a replica with a very low price (about 65.00 euros at the time of writing) and which you can order here

A well built replica of Taurus PT92, a full-metal 1:1 scale with fixed trolley and powered with the classic 12 gram Co2 refills. Its main characteristics are the length of 215 mm, height of 140 mm and mass high enough to be realistic, in fact it weighs 970 grams. It is silver in color and has a standard weaver slide for any accessories such as lasers or torches, it fires a single shot in semi-automatic mode, has the safety control on the right side of the body, mounts a fixed Hop-Up system and has a 13-round metal magazine.

In order to use it, you will need 12 gram Co2 refills such as these that you find on the same airsoft store:

  • 5 refills 12 g. Co2 for airsoft with lubricant – brand UMAREX
  • 20 refills 12 g. Co2 for SWISS ARMS brand airsoft
  • 5 Co2 airsoft canisters – 12 gr. DIABLO brand

This full-metal Taurus PT92 will also need airsoft ammunition which you can find here

Here we repeat what has already been said in the previous article, namely that there are many different brands and types, to simplify we can say that you can look for 0.20 gram or 0.25 gram ceramic or other biodegradable pellets, you can’t go wrong with these … look for a package with quantities compatible with your needs, avoiding ordering extreme weights, for example 0.10 grams or on the contrary 0.45 grams, those of intermediate weight that we have suggested will certainly be fine. Co2 pistols are particularly powerful with an energy that can be around 1 Joule. You also need to know that Co2-powered ASGs have excellent performance even in winter with very low temperatures, better than the corresponding green gas guns.

You must always protect your eyesas mentioned another hundred times, a few euros are enough to buy ballistic protective glasses, they are a simple and cheap precaution, you can find them here

As you can see, with around 100.00 euros you can buy a nice airsoft gun Cyberguns Co2 powered, ammunition, 12 gram Co2 refills, ballistic goggles. With these few items you have everything you need to start having fun.

Have fun in total safety!

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