In addition to the classic rifle, those who practice Softair can count on the rifle for long-range and precision shots and among the models that we recommend buying for the amateur or professional softgunner there is the MB4410 green sniper rifle with Well bipod.

It is a rifle of the Well gun brand that you can shop conveniently online and measures 1120 mm in length with a 400 mm long inner barrel and a total weight of 4800 grams. The green MB4410 sniper rifle with Well bipod is one of the long-range precision rifles, has a reinforced spring and bolt action manual loading. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of this Airsoft carbine.

Features and technical specifications of the MB4410 Softair Sniper rifle

There carbine and green MB4410 sniper rifle with Well bipod it fires one shot at a time at a distance of 50-60 meters and is equipped with a folding stock and polymer barrel guard as well as an adjustable cheek piece. The weapon includes the metal bipod, the weaver rails for accessories, the 30-round magazine and the adjustable hop up.

Who buys this online airsoft rifle In the package you will find the carbine, the bipod, a 30-round magazine, 1 Weaver metal rail for optics, 2 Weaver metal side rails, 1 Weaver metal rail under the barrel, shoulder strap, BB loader and about 100 pellets.

There technical data sheet of the MB4410 sniper rifle it’s the following:

  • Brand Well
  • Green colour
  • With metal bipod


  • Long range sniper rifle
  • Fire one shot at a time at a distance of 50-60 meters
  • Reinforced spring
  • Manual bolt action loading
  • Stock and barrel guard in polymer
  • Folding stock with adjustable cheek piece
  • Weaver rails for accessories
  • 30-round magazine
  • Adjustable hop-up

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length 1120mm
  • Inner barrel 400 mm
  • Weight 4800 grams

The advantages of the rifle: maximum accuracy from long range

Among the main advantages that lead the softgunner to choose the MB4410 green sniper rifle there is the long-range accuracy offered by this rifle which allows for more shots with very small and concentrated groupings and very tight pattern.

The unit of measurement of rifle is the MOA (Minutes of angle): it is a dimension related to distance, being 1/60th of a degree of the circumference, whose center is the shooter and the target positioned at a point on it. At 100 meters, one MOA is 29.07mm; at 200 meters this measurement doubles, at 300 it triples, being a linear function.

Everything is fine airsoft player knows well how long range weapons par excellence are the carbines, which offer certain mechanical and ballistic characteristics as well as a particular caliber and the rifle scope which give maximum shooting accuracy. Between characteristics of the carbines for shooting from long distances such as the MB4410 green sniper rifle with Well bipod There are:

  • Heavy rod, large diameter and medium to long length
  • Trigger mechanism with very low and particularly clean and free from strings trigger release weight
  • Stock coupled to the mechanical part through a bed of resin (glass bedding), which eliminates points of “non-contact”, so that the vibrations of the weapon and its barrel are reduced to a minimum
  • High quality scope, with particular precision, repetitiveness and reliability in correcting the displacement of the point of impact through “Clicks”
  • Solid, shock and vibration proof scope mounts
  • Caliber, intended as ammunition, selected for renowned intrinsic accuracy
  • Cartridges prepared with particular refinement to the dimensional and ballistic characteristics of the weapon, often resorting to home reloading.

If you are looking for the best Airsoft rifle we recommend that you evaluate the MB4410 sniper rifle produced by Well and easily purchased online on sites that sell weapons ed Airsoft equipment at the best price.

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