When we talk about ASG we are more used to pistols, machine guns and rifles, but there are also these particular softguns, very characteristic; shotguns for airsoft! Today we want to bring to your attention a model CYMA extensiona 355 Long with full-metal execution and able to fire 3 shots, let’s see how it is made, how much it costs and where to find it!

Let’s start from the body, this has a length of just over 1 meter (1040 mm to be exact) with an average weight for this kind of softgun, 2340 grams. The body and barrel are made of metal while the stock is made of resin. The pump loading system is housed under the barrel and this rifle fire 3 shots at a time. It is equipped with a rubber shoulder rest, attachments for carrying strap.

On the lower part, near the loading system, there is the housing for the shells, the line of the Shotgun it is quite clean and smooth, while the loading system has a secure grip thanks to the non-slip shape. The 355 long shotgun by CYMA is available in 2 colors, the one black has practically all the elements of black color, that tan/black it has a TAN-colored stock and loading system while the barrel, central body and shoulder rest are also black here. The rifle is equipped with a safety.

Each case contains 10 6mm pellets for a total of 30 BBs per load (3 rounds). The kit includes a cartridge magazine, speedloader. As ammunition, normal 6 mm pellets and a mass between 0.15 grams and 0.25 grams will certainly be fine. We had mentioned the price at the time of writing this 3 shots shotgun for airsoft – model 355 long by CYMA it costs only 126.00 euros and you can find it below:

Shotgun 3 shots for airsoft – model 355 long by CYMA color BLACK

Item number CM355LMB

Shotgun 3 shots for airsoft – model 355 long by CYMA colorTAN/Black

Item number CM355LMT

Technical features

  • ASG Type: Shotgun
  • Material: full metal
  • Brand: CYMA
  • Color: Black, or Tan/Black
  • Number of shells: 3
  • Loading: manual pump
  • Safe: yes
  • Strap attachments: yes
  • Length: 1040mm
  • Weight: 2340 grams

By airsoft