Often among the airsoft lovers there are also real collectors of historical weapons. They know how important the realistic reproduction is. Whether for private collections, for public exhibitions or for historical re-enactments, the reproductions of weapons they have a large audience that is very attentive to detail.

Online you can buy some reproductions of historical weapons really well finished and excellent value for money. These objects are the representation of fundamental historical moments, ranging from ancient weapons to those of the Second World War without excluding the Middle Ages and the French Revolution. Shotguns, pistols, revolvers, sidearms and much more that have contributed to making the world what it is today, are faithfully reproduced by companies specialized in this field.

Among the companies that make these products we find Deepeeka, Denix, Element, Glock, Kolser, La Balestra, Medio Evo, Royal and several others who have specialized in this sector.

But in the various catalogs you can find much more than sidearms and firearms. There are also rings, brooches, armor, letter openers, pens, darts, katanas and various objects which also include medieval trophies to hang on the wall, antique keys, tools and much more.

Important collector’s items, these reproductions are often used on film sets and during festivals and costume fairs. The opposite also often happens: particular weapons used on screen are then reproduced by these companies for all the fans who want a piece of their favorite work to show off at home. Each reproduction, whether historical or taken from a film, is carefully studied before being made. Also there choice of materials it is important with the aim of reproducing the original weapon as faithfully as possible.

For example this amazing Italian Stainless Armor produced by the company Middle Ages it is made of metal and has included a wooden base perfect for display. The dimensions are 200cm X 80cm X 43cm and the weight is approximately 35kg. This Italian armor is characterized by patches with a smooth and rounded surface, it has a high tiled horse helmet with a crest and a visor with an eye slit and an eye shield. Armours of this kind were made by Milanese master armourers in the mid-1500s. Made of hand-worked iron with an aged finish, it is wearable and can be equipped with either a sword or a halberd.

Also from the same company there are pieces of armor that can be purchased separately such as shields, helmets and like this Knob with glove made in iron. In this case we are talking about the reproduction of an Italian knob with separate fingers equipped with a cusp dummy from the wrist up and with glove. This accessory has been in use since the 16th century, it is produced by Middle Ages in brushed iron with white leather glove. The glove is sewn onto a lining of leather strips riveted to the edges of the plates. The back of the fingers is protected by small iron scales fixed to a strip of leather sewn to the glove. The dimensions of this detailed article are 25 cm X 16 cm X 15 cm, for a weight of 850 gr.

To get to the real reproductions of weapons, certainly denix is one of the most specialized companies in the sector. The Spanish company based in Ciutadella de Menorca manufactures weapons that start from those used in the classical Rome of Julius Caesar passing through Medieval Europe, the colonial and pirate era, the historical weapons of the 16th – 19th centuries, those of the American Civil War , up to the weapons of the First and Second World War and modern weapons.

As an example, here is the Decorative Shotgun Ak47 Golden Version by Denix. 87 cm long and weighing 4250 g, this rifle is part of the modern weapons made after 1945. In particular, this weapon was designed by a Russian fighter in 1942, but was used as the official rifle of the USSR between 1947 and 1978. This replica is made of metal and wood with a simulated mechanism for charge and fire. The parts are detachable and the magazine can be removed. The pale gold color is beautiful, this machine gun is made even more precious by the real wood stock and handle.

To go more on the classic, there is the Mod. 73 carbinealso called Winchester riflealways made by denix. This historic replica is a faithful reproduction of a metal and wood shotgun, with simulated loading and firing. The 1873 model is a manual repeater, loading takes place through a spring loaded door on the side and the cartridges are housed in a tubular magazine under the barrel. Of course, being a replica, this rifle (and all other guns of its kind) is designed to simulate action, but it’s not meant or built to actually shoot. This specifically is the most used shotgun in America at its time, both because the steel structure made it reliable, and because it used the same centerfire cartridges as the revolvers of the time, so with the same type of ammunition it was possible to have the convenience to load two weapons. Nicknamed “the shotgun that conquered the West”, this jewel has inspired several films and can be seen starring in many Western films such as Silverado with Kevin Costner, The Magnificent Seven with Steve McQueen and films of different genres such as White Fang, The last samurai with Tom Cruise, Tremors 4 and The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman.

Closer to our times this one Parabellum Luger P08 pistol made by denix. 25.5 cm long and weighing 970 grams, this reproduction is made entirely of metal, except for the cheek pads which are in ABS. As with other firearms, the mechanism is functional to simulate loading and firing, but not being a real weapon, it is not designed to actually fire. Known simply as the Luger, this German weapon is a semi-automatic pistol designed in 1898 and made famous by its use by the German military during World War I and World War II. The name Parabellum derives from a Latin saying “Su vis pacem, para bellum” (“If you want peace, prepare for war”).

And to get to the legendary weapons, one cannot fail to mention the Sword Excalibur Of King Arthur with red scabbard denix. This sword is 111 cm long, weighs 2190 g, the blade of the sword is in satin metal alloy and is equipped with a polymer sheath covered in red leatherette decorated with brown leather weaving. The tip, base, hilt and handle are made of metal decorated with inlays inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The name Excalibur means “steel cut”, this sword was said to possess the ability to protect anyone who wielded it. Whether you prefer the legend of the sword in the stone or the version in which it is the Lady of the Lake who entrusts the sword to Arthur, Avalon remains one of the most beautiful stories ever told.

These are just some of the reproductions of historical weapons that can be purchased online for your collection, for passion or for a theme party. Discover now all the decorative ancient weapons and choose your favorites!

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