Who loves them historical replicas cannot fail to know the replica Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX a real historical piece. Everyone knows the legend Colt Python, revolver built in the USA since 1955 and considered a valuable revolver and certainly one of the best existing revolvers.

It’s about a barrel firearm with 6 .357 Magnum cartridges and variable barrel length, which replica enthusiasts love for their excellent reputation for shooting accuracy and functioning of the mechanisms. There replica Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX it is very popular commercially and in pop culture and has been used in many films.

You have surely seen it held by Ryo Saeba of City Hunter in a movies like Love, Fate and a 357 Magnum or in the film with Clint Eastwood A 44 Magnum for Inspector Callaghan as well as in the TV series Starsky and Hutch.

All models of the Colt Phyton

Among the commercially available Colt Phyton models, replica lovers find the replica Revolver Phyton 2″ Denix. It is a reproduction of the American weapon in shiny black metal and polymer and the trigger mechanism increases the realism, however it is not suitable for firing. The Revolver Phyton 2″ Denix is ​​21 cm long and weighs 870 grams.

To this reply is added the Revolver Phyton 6″ Denix always with the same characteristics but slightly bigger and heavier since it is 31 cm long and weighs 1040 grams. Finally there is the Replica Revolver Phyton 8″ Denix of even greater weight and dimensions. This Replica of the Phyton Revolver it is 36 cm long and weighs 1140 grams.

All that remains is to find your favorite and buy them online replicas of Colt Phyton decorative pistolsreal collectible weapons.

The characteristics of the Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX replica

There replica Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX is the reproduction of the legendary revolver metal with plastic handle and mechanism that simulates loading in addition to the rotating drum. It is a double action shotgun calibrated for the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge and also known as the “Combat Magnum”.

There history of the Python revolver begins in 1955 and the gun is part of the luxury revolver segment known for its accuracy, solidity of structure and sliding trigger. The Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX has been collected by the likes of Jeff Cooper, Ian V. Hogg, Chuck Hawks, Leroy Thompson and Renée Smeets, who described Python as one of the best revolvers ever made.

It is also a replica loved by video game lovers since it appears in games such as ResidentEvil, Grand Theft Auto, Naughty Dog or the Half-Life saga and also in series such as The Walking Dead, where it is Rick Grimes’ main weapon.

Phyton 6” Revolver Pistol Datasheet

There 6″ Python revolver pistol dates back to 1955 and is made in the USA by the Denix brand. It is a luxury revolver characterized by a glossy black color and which has the following characteristics:

  • 100% metal pistol with polymer cheek pads;
  • Working mechanism to fully replicate the original Colt Phyton.

As for the replica size Revolver Phyton 6” DENIX it is 31 cm long and weighs 1040 grams and never ceases to be appreciated for its unique characteristics by collectors of historical weapons. If you are looking for a weapon of excellence and also known for its presence in films and video games or if you are simply a collector of the best replicas of the past, you cannot fail to buy the Python 6” DENIX revolver. You can find it online at the best price on sites specializing in the sale of historical weapon replicas.

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