There Machine gun M3 Grease Gun Caliber 45 USA 1942 is a Denix brand weapon Made in Spain and represents the reproduction of a machine gun made of metal with load and fire simulator mechanism, mobile cover insurance and removable magazine. The stock is retractable with two positions and the weapon is 59 cm long and weighs 3145 grams.

The history of the M3 Grease Gun Caliber 45 USA 1942

This automatic submachine gun it was designed in 1941 by George Hyde, an experienced gunsmith in the German army in which he had fought during the First World War. The weapon had been commissioned by the US Army to evaluate the effectiveness of European rifles.

There M3 Grease Gun it is a simple blowback firearm with a magazine holding 30 45 ACP 11.4mm cartridges. It is a metal machine gun with telescopic stock and cartridge ejection system as well as a system that avoids accidental shots.

The M3 immediately became popular as the “Grease Gun” given its resemblance to the pressure grease guns used for the maintenance of heavy war machines. By the end of the war, 600,000 units of the M3 machine gun had been produced and this rifle was also used in Korea and Vietnam until the mid-1990s.

In 1942 the Grease Gun was adopted by the US Army and would continue to be used throughout WWII.

Operation of the M3 Grease Gun 45 Caliber Machine Gun USA 1942

There M3 Grease Gun Caliber 45 USA 1942 is a 45 ACP/9 x 19 mm Parabellum caliber submachine gun used by the US Army from December 1942 to replace the Thomson M1A1 submachine gun. Not only that: this weapon was also used in the Korean and Vietnam wars due to its ease of use, cheapness and lightness.

The M3 is an automatic weapon with air cooling, recoil and open bolt. The weapon has integral percussion with the bolt and for this reason it is more reliable in case of entry of a foreign body. The extractor is spring-loaded, compressed into the bolt head, while the ejector is located in the trigger assembly. The barrel, as was also the case in the English STEN to save time, was cold forged.

The operating cycle of the machine gun M3 Grease Gun Caliber 45 USA 1942 includes several phases which are:

  • Opening the bolt using the crank on the right side of the weapon;
  • when the trigger is pressed, the bolt is released and moves forward by removing a round from the magazine, inserting it in the chamber and then, in the last part of the travel, activating the firing pin which then fires the round;
  • the detonation provides a high-pressure pulse that pushes the bolt back against the resistance of the return springs and the bolt’s inertial mass. By the time the chamber opens, the pressure is now reduced to safe levels.

The low rate of fire of the weapon results from a combination of low pressure generated by the .45 ACP cartridge, a very heavy bolt and soft springs.

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