We are also talking today about a red dot (red-dot) suitable for airsoft, we realized that we have dealt with topics relating to this important type of airsoft accessories too few times, some have asked us for some advice as – also in this case – the airsoft catalogs are teeming with red-dot, green-dot, simple or holographic, and it is difficult to orient yourself if you have no experience. Why not talk about some airsoft optics that have already been sold and appreciated other times? It’s actually a red/green-dot as it can work with 2 different colors.

Today we talk about the model AO5013-BK from AIMO. This brand is one of the best that markets optics for airsoft (and not only of course), those who are used to the AIMO product codes will have noticed that the final letters refer to the color of the red-dot, in this case we are in fact dealing with a black optic.

Let’s start with some technical characteristics provided by the manufacturer; the scope has a shock-proof body, lens protection caps, attachment for standard weaver 20-22 mm rails, external dimensions 72 x 40 x 48 mm, mass 120 gr., power supply via 1 CR1632 battery (not included in the kit but which you can easily find), elevation and windage adjustments via non-slip rings, eyepiece diameter 24 mm, light point color selector (green or red), light intensity adjustment on 5 levels.

The red-dot sight for AIMO airsoft model AO5013-BK it is packaged in a small and sturdy brown-colored cardboard box bearing the manufacturer’s logo, inside the box there is the accessory for airsoft, the small lens cleaning cloth, the lens protection caps and the Allen key for the simple Standard rail mount on your airsoft pistol or rifle. We remind you that at the time of writing the battery is not included in the kit but you can easily find it in tobacconists, supermarkets, etc.

This red-dot sight for AIMO airsoft model AO5013-BK find it here

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We remind you that red dots are very useful for quickly identifying the target at medium distances, when the red (or green) dot corresponds with the image of the target, you can pull the trigger with a high probability of hitting the target! These airsoft scopes are equipped with adjustments that are commonly called “elevation” and “drift” that allow for perfect tuning on your airsoft rifle or pistol. If you don’t already have a red dot we recommend that you implement your equipment with one of those presented in this blog, a few days ago we talked about another model, the Holographic red-dot for long range shooting 2 colors 4 JS-Tactical reticlesyou can read this article

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