A spring full of news in the world of airsoft, even today we present a recommended pistol and – at the same time, we present a new brand available on this airsoft online shop that is to say Raven

We do so by talking about a “heavyweight”, in reality it is not really an airsoft heavyweight but it is positioned on the heavy weight gas pistols with its 1200 grams! We like it! It’s a beautiful one replica Glock G17 (item code on the airsoft shop P-RGP-01-06) in black with silver slide and which shoots the classic 6 mm pellets in semi-automatic mode (which you can always find on the usual airsoft online store, however we’ll leave you the link afterwards).

We told you the weight of this ASG, now we tell you its length which is approx 210mm, has the body built with high density polymer with other parts in aluminum and metal of other types. The price of this airsoft gun is interesting for its performance and features, attention, we are talking about a high quality softgun, not a toy, this Glock G17 gas by Raven it is a part of high-end airsoft guns, now let’s go ahead with its description.

It has a standard 20 mm slide useful for mounting classic accessories such as LED torches or lasers, the line is clean and you can immediately see the quality of the construction work, the handle has a solid and stable grip thanks to the non-slip surface, the slide of this gun is in metalthere is a trigger lock style safety Glocks and the gen. type magazine release button. 4 large. The gas magazine contains 22 rounds placing this Glock G17 on an excellent level also in terms of hitting capacity.

Also this pistol can be converted to Co2 becoming a powerful ASG that can also be used in winter, which is very interesting, in a moment we will tell you what the kit of this ASG includes, in addition to the Co2 conversion parts, here is the content:

  • Replica Glock G17 by Raven
  • Raven EU Series 23R STD gas charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Spare GAS nozzle
  • Spare O-Ring set
  • 2 handles
  • Raven PVC patch

The magazines compatible with this Glock G17 by Raven are as follows:

  • RGM-01-01 – EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine
  • RGM-01-02 – EU Series 23R STD CO2 Magazine
  • RGM-01-03 – EU Series 48R EXT GAS Magazine
  • RGM-01-04 – EU Series 48R EXT CO2 Magazine

You can order this gas/Co2 gun here

Remember, to avoid errors, that the article code is P-RGP-01-06

If you need them airsoft ammunition (you can use this gun with normal 6 mm pellets and mass of 0.20 – 0.25 – 0.30 grams without problems) or green gas refills (even high performance) or Co2 capsulesfind everything on the same online store where you can find this and many other guns.

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