THE pointing systems are devices or technologies that allow for the identification and tracking of a specific target or object. These systems can be used in different contexts, such as in astronomy, aviation, sea and land navigation, security and defense systems, games and sports.

Typically, a pointing system it works by detecting the position of the target and following it in real time. There are several types of pointing systemsamong which:

  • Mechanical pointing systems: These use mechanical components, such as motors and gears, to point and track a target.
  • Optical pointing systems: These use light and lenses to locate and track a target.
  • Radar targeting systems: These use radio waves to locate and track a target.
  • Laser pointing systems: These use a laser beam to locate and track a target.

Pointing systems are essential in many fields, as they allow you to identify and follow moving objects with precision and reliability.

What is the red dot aiming system?

The aiming system “red dot” (red dot) is a type of optical pointing system mainly used in target shooting, sport shooting and hunting activities as well as Softair. The red dot aiming system involves the use of a viewfinder equipped with a red luminous reticle which is projected onto the viewfinder lens and which indicates the position of the target.

The red dot sighting system works by using an LED light source that emits a beam of red light, which is reflected off a specialized lens that projects a red dot onto the viewfinder glass. The red dot is placed on top of the target, allowing the user to align the weapon and aim accurately.

The red dot aiming system has several advantages over traditional viewfinders. First, the red dot allows you to acquire your target faster and more accurately than with conventional sights. In addition, the red dot sighting system is easier to use in low-light or high-voltage situations.

Finally, the red dot sighting system is very versatile and can be used successfully on different types of Airsoft weapons, such as pistols, rifles and carbines.

Some red dot pointing systems on the market

On sites specialized in equipment and accessories for Softair you can find some red dot sighting systems among which we point out:

  • Red Dot 1×35 Lancer Tactical 2 colors Red-Green: it is a sighting system with Micro T1 Red Dot (Red Dot) Tan -Lancer Tactical. This element has a very light but at the same time also very robust body, it is built completely in aluminum with a Tan color finish and reaches a length of 6.8 cm with an objective lens diameter of 22 mm. Its interior is charged with nitrogen gas to prevent fogging of the lenses, always keeping the image sharp when aiming. It has two aiming point coloring systems, green and red, with five levels of light intensity for every type of need. For a good coupling to the weapon, this red dot is equipped with a low profile 20mm Picatinny Rail mount;
  • AMG UH-1 GEN II Red dot Vortex (AMG-HS02): the AMG UH-1 Gen II is the up-close solution you’ve been asking for, offering a blazingly fast holographic display to conquer any up-close situation, now with four night-vision compatible settings and a dedicated night-vision button. A large viewing window makes this door knocker even faster and a sleek, smooth construction looks and handles great. The lightning-fast EBR-CQB reticle is designed for close domination, and our FHQ technology virtually eliminates flare emissions for stealth shooting. Duty never sleeps and the AMG UH-1 Gen II is ready to light your way.

These are just two of many red-dot-based aiming patterns which allow you to highlight and follow the target during the battle of Airsoft. Discover them all and buy the one that best suits your needs.

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