There JPX2 Jet Protector pistol it was conceived and designed to meet the needs of the police and armed forces for all those emergency situations in which it is required to restore public order. It can also be used for the own personal defenseespecially useful in case of aggression inside your home, being free to detain and it is not necessary to carry a firearm, it is also permitted to hold and use it outside one’s own home (provided that one is over 16 years of age.)

Piexon JPX2 gun technology is patented, featuring unerring accuracy, two ready-to-use shots containing liquid stinging, three meters the range and range of the blow, a power exceeding 350 km/h and a fast and long jet up to 3 meters away. These are the features that make the JPX2 Jet Protector gun the most powerful pepper gun on the market.

  • Powerful pepper gun
    The shot is extremely fast, even reaching 350 km/h at a distance of about 1.5 meters. Extremely effective, foolproof and able to immobilize the aggressor up to a distance of about 3 meters. Also suitable for use against wild animals.
  • Efficient pepper gun
    The JPX pistol is not a single shot pistol, but allows you to shoot the stinging liquid with 2 shots, thanks to the mechanism characterized by 2 alternating side strikers, the pistol allows you to fire the first shot and rearms automatically to fire the second shot with the trigger returning to position.
  • Refillable pepper gun
    The JPX pistol is reloadable, not a disposable pepper pistol. Once the expected 2 rounds have been fired, simply remove the magazine and replace it with a new one containing 2 rounds.

The irritant liquid substance contains Piexol gel based on Oleoresin Capsicuman excerpt of cayenne pepper. The magazine contains, as already mentioned, 2 rounds, each of them containing about 10 grams of a liquid substance of Oleoresin Capsicum, of Piexon formulation, called Piexol. Oleoresin Capsicum is an extract of cayenne pepper, which on the Scoville hotness measurement scale, measures approximately 400,000 SHU, placing it in one of the most powerful pepper guns available on the market.

Pepper gun – Effects and symptoms

The gun produces the aggressor, shooting at high speed, a considerable impact and severe pain, furthermore the liquid causes a red halo to the affected person. This particular feature allows easy recognition by the police in the event of an escape. In this case, the aggressor, hit by the irritating liquid, is practically immobilized for about 45 minutes. The caused effects are burning in the face, eyes, nose, mouth and skin, temporary visual impairment, very strong lachrymation, cough, difficulty breathing, general malaise. All these effects vanish in about 45 minutes and do not cause further permanent damage. In this period of time, the aggressor is unable to cause further damage or annoyance, therefore he will not be able to carry out further actions or threats to his own person.

Choose the most effective pepper gun on the market, choose the Piexon JPX2 Jet Protector gun

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