Today is the first time we propose one pair of pistolsby the way, we do it with a brand that represents a new arrival on this one airsoft catalog

This is an offer for those who want to play airsoft as a couple and are looking for some high quality products but with an affordable price, we believe these 1911 VP-X by Vorsk they can do for you, let’s see how they are made!

The first lines of presentation of this model read “La Vorsk VP-X is a replica of the 1911/MEU Hybrid Gas-Blow-Back Pistol that features a compensator Vorsk custom made, pistol grips Vorsk and a refined two-tone color scheme.”

Aesthetically these guns speak for themselves, constructively we are dealing with full metal with special antiporous and electrostatic finish. Compared to other models Vorskthese ASGs have a fairly clean line and without many excess aesthetic elements, however the dual-tone coloring gives these a lot of personality 1911 VP-Xthe trigger, the tip of the barrel, an uncovered portion of the central barrel and other elements of the rear part are in a light metal color while the rest of the execution is in black.

The trolley is equipped with two vertical sliding handles at 90°, a compensator Vorsk fixed and sights. It’s about guns blowbacks with a quite impressive length, they are indeed long well 260mm while the weight falls within the average with approx 785 grams for each gun. They have some CNC machined parts, non-slip texture on the handle, compensator Vorsk removable, high stipple, polymer grip, custom MEU slide with vertically sliding grips, working beavertail grip safety, sliding snap lock, chrome-plated inner barrel (6.03 mm barrel inner diameter).

These blowback gas pistols fire in single shot and safe mode, you can successfully use normal 6 mm pellets with a mass of 0.20 grams – 0.25 grams with good shooting power, especially using high performance green gas which also helps to have an energetic high blowback which increases its realism.

In the packaging of this kit you will find 2 gas pistols 1911 VP-X by Vorsk color black/chrome, 2 STD gas magazines, 2 extended gas magazines, instruction manual, spare nozzle and O-ring and patch Vorsk

Magazines compatible with these pistols are as follows:

  • VGM-03-01 Gas Extended Magazine Black
  • VGM-03-02 Gas Magazine Black
  • VGM-03-03 Co2 Extended Magazine Black
  • VGM-03-04 Co2 Magazine Black
  • VGM-03-05 Co2 Extended Magazine Chrome
  • VGM-03-06 Gas Magazine Chrome
  • VGM-03-07 Gas Extended Magazine Chrome
  • VGM-03-08 Co2 Magazine Chrome

You can order this pair of airsoft guns here

with an attractive price for the quality of the replicas, we remind you that we are talking about 2 full-metal blowback pistols with excellent features and finishes. The article code is VGP-03-11

By airsoft