Among the weapons suitable for Softair is the VORSK VP-X pistola replica of the Gas-Blow-Back hybrid pistol from 1911/MEU that features a custom VORSK compensator, VORSK pistol grips, and a tasteful two-tone color scheme.

The replica was born from the passion for weapons of the Vorsk brand and is influenced by the design of variants 1911/MEU which are found both on the shooting range and in pop culture. It is a metal Softair pistol with an anti-porous and electrostatic finish and is available in 8 different colors including black and two-tone blue.

Characteristics of the Pair of Gas Pistols 1911 VP-X -Black- Vorsk

There Pair of Gas Pistols 1911 VP-X -Black- Vorsk it features a trolley with two 90° sliding handles and a fixed compensator. Not to be missed are the standard model V-notch iron sights and the custom-made front sight mounting plate. All models have a chromed outer barrel and spring guide and the enthusiast’s attention immediately goes to the fixed moderator that extends the barrel. The high punctuation grips of this one Airsoft gas pistol complete the look of the weapon.

Between characteristics of the Pair of Gas Pistols 1911 VP-X -Black- Vorsk There are:
– Blowback model
– Carriage finished in CNC
– Fire Modes: Single Shot and Safe
-Barrel length: 6.03 barrel

– Removable VORSK compensator
– V-notch Iron Sights / Raised Fiber Optic Iron Sights + BDS
– High stipple, polymer grip
– Custom made MEU slide with vertical sliding grips
– Working beavertail grip safety
– Sliding snap closure
– Chromed inner barrel.

This airsoft weapon it is available as a double pack, with/without BDS fitted and in the color variants black-chrome/black/chrome/brushed aluminum/grey/tan/dual tone blue.

Packaging and dimensions of the Pair of Gas Pistols 1911 VP-X -Black- Vorsk

The dimensions of the black VP-X pistol are 260 mm in length for a weight of 785 grams for each weapon and the package includes VORSK VP-X PISTOLS black/chrome, STD gas magazine, extended gas magazine, manual, spare parts (nozzle and O-ring) and VORSK patch.

THE compatible chargers with this gas pistol are:

– VGM-03-01 Gas Extended Magazine Black
– VGM-03-02 Gas Magazine Black
– VGM-03-03 Co2 Extended Magazine Black
– VGM-03-04 Co2 Magazine Black
– VGM-03-05 Co2 Extended Magazine Chrome
– VGM-03-06 Gas Magazine Chrome
– VGM-03-07 Gas Extended Magazine Chrome
– VGM-03-08 Co2 Magazine Chrome

Advantages of the gas pistol for Softair

There gas gun offers the amateur or professional Softair player various advantages including:

  1. Realism: Airsoft gas guns are designed to look as much like real firearms as possible. This contributes to a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.
  2. Power and speed: Gas guns can fire pellets from compressed air at a high velocity, allowing for greater accuracy and range than other types of Airsoft weapons such as spring guns. Additionally, they often feature a semi-auto or even auto mode, allowing multiple shots to be fired quickly.
  3. Hit reaction: Gas guns simulate the recoil effect of real firearms. When shooting, a slight vibration or movement of the gun can be felt, which contributes to the immersion in the game.
  4. Ease of charging: Gas pistols are generally easy to reload. A high pressure gas canister is used which can be easily connected to the gun. This makes the reloading process quick and easy while playing.
  5. Magazine capacity: Gas-operated pistols usually have a larger magazine capacity than spring-loaded pistols. This allows you to fire more shots without having to reload frequently.
  6. Power variations: Gas pistols often offer the ability to adjust the firepower. This allows players to tailor their weapon’s power to match the needs of the game, such as reducing power for close-quarters combat or increasing it for long-range shooting.
  7. Reliability in different climatic conditions: Unlike spring loaded guns which can be affected by outside temperatures, gas fired guns are generally more reliable in a variety of climatic conditions. However, severe cold can reduce gas pressure and affect weapon performance.

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