If you are looking for one high quality airsoft gun and with an aesthetic that goes a little out of line (so not the classic black or tan) this one might catch your eye. From a qualitative point of view you can rest assured! If you have read our recent other articles on the brand’s airsoft guns Vorsk, you will already know that this brand is of a high level and packs its ASGs in a very careful way, also in this case in fact, we have an elegant and robust black cardboard box screen-printed with class. Opening the package, which is of the “book” type, one immediately sees the rigor of the manufacturer and the build quality of the pistol and its accessories. Let’s see how it’s done.

Features of the Hi Capa Vengeance Compact gas/Co2 by Vorsk gun

As usual, we will immediately indicate the article code VGP-02-CS-19 and the link of airsoft online shop where to buy this beautiful gun

Also this airsoft gun of the brand Vorsk is a robust full-metal that we had the pleasure of discovering in this one 2023has a black body and handle with some elements of a nice red color, specifically the colored parts are the slide release lever, magazine release lever, trigger, side safety lever, rear safety mechanism, hammer. The magazine, a massive and robust magazine from 23 rounds, it’s a full-metal and it feels! The gun is overall length 209 mm therefore quite compact, its mass is an excellent compromise for those looking for a manageable ASG but with a realistic mass, the manufacturer declares a weight of 874 grams.

The execution is very well cared for, the viewfinder with a front element in is very effective optic fiber which makes aiming very visible, the slide release lever is on the left side of the pistol as is the magazine release control. The grip is firm thanks to the grips with a particular non-slip design. This pistol features a sled under barrel for mounting the classic accessories such as lasers and bright torches, it also has predisposition for floating slide for mounting a red-dot, it then has a 12 mm (CW) and 14 mm (CCW) flash hider threaded adapter.

The slide is CNC finished and bears some writings and some characteristic reliefs, the pistol has a mechanism blowback so it’s like blowbackmounts an internal barrel of 96mm with inner diameter of 6.03mm. This beautiful gun Vorsk shoots in single shot mode – secures the classic 6 mm diameter airsoft pellets. Like other models of the same brand, this ASG can work with both a green gas that with Co2. The kit includes the elements necessary for the conversion (spring and specific nozzle).

Also in this case we repeat that usually the operation a Co2 guarantees greater performance and makes the gun fully usable even in winter with very low temperatures, operation at green gasdue to the effect Boylemeans that the best performances are obtained only with spring and summer ambient temperatures, but here too a clarification must be made, if you use high performance green gas you can have excellent power and successfully use the gun even in winter, below we indicate some examples of excellent and performing green gas refills.

The packaging of this Vorsk Hi Capa Vengeance Compact pistol Includes

  • Hi Capa Vengeance Compact pistol replica
  • STD Gas Vengeance Black Magazine – VGM-02-03
  • 12mm to 14mm flash hider thread adapter
  • Barrel Bushing Tool
  • Spare gas nozzle
  • Co2 conversion kit (nozzle + spring)
  • Vorsk PVC patch

Magazines compatible with Hi Capa Vengeance Compact Vorsk

  • VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
  • VGM-02-02 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine
  • VGM-02-03 – BLACK – 23R VENGEANCE Gas Magazine

Here are some top-tier airsoft gas refills:

  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI 560 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI 600 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for Super High Performance airsoft with lubricant 600 ml by FL-AIRSOFT
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by WE
  • Ultra Extreme Performance Airsoft Green Gas 4.0 1000ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas refill cylinder for high performance airsoft 750 ml by DIABLO

Main characteristics of this ASG

  • Brand: Vorsk
  • ASG type: blowback pistol
  • Material: metal
  • Color: black with red elements
  • Power supply: gas or Co2 convertible
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Length: 209mm
  • Weight: 874 grams
  • Number of shots: 23
  • Barrel length: 96mm
  • Barrel Inner Diameter: 6.03mm
  • Shooting Mode: Single Shot – Safe
  • Standard rail: yes, 20 mm
  • Thread adapter: yes
  • Handle safety: yes
  • Viewfinder type: metal with optical fiber
  • Article number: VGP-02-CS-19

We presented a gun that represents one for us interesting novelty of 2023a high-end pistol with great construction care and very flexible thanks to the Operation possible with both green gas and Co2. The gun is part of the compact with a very well cared for and particular aesthetic thanks to some elements of a nice red color which strongly contrasts the black of the gun body. A product Vorsk quality with a good capacity magazine (23 rounds) and full-metal construction. A powerful and accurate pistol that shoots the classic 6 mm pellets for airsoft, a pistol that we can certainly recommend. As far as pellets are concerned, we believe you may be satisfied with the main weights commonly used in airsoft, power is not lacking here, so you will have excellent results not only with the most popular 0.20 grams but you will be able to experience the excellent performance also with 0.25 – 0.30 grams ceramic or other biodegradable material.

The usual recommendations:

  • Always protect your eyes with appropriate ballistic goggles
  • Make sure you have 6mm pellets appropriate for the gun
  • Make sure you have Co2 or green gas refills in order to use it

Last thing, this pistol is currently also available in other colors such as black or in the Tan color with black elements. If you want to see all the Vorsk models you can find them at this link of the airsoft online shop.

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