In addition to the airsoftyou also love the archery world? Are you looking for a sports bow but don’t know where to go? Today we will consider four compound sport bows of four different pricesall very good, of different brands.

Whether it’s for a hobby or a sport, the bow always has its charm. There are adjustable bows, with pulley system, compound, recurve and adjustable. It’s not easy to navigate this jungle, but today we have some interesting information on the subject. Let’s start with a small list of companies specialized in the archery sector that make sports bows: Armex, Barnett, Bear Archery, Big Archery, Black Bird, Booster, Ek-Arcery, Exe, Gold Arrows, Mankung, Poelang, Ragim, Royal and many others.

Less than €500

And now let’s start with the description of this Compound whipshot bow with 6 shots magazine produced by EK Archery. This beauty is made of aluminum and composite materials, has an adjustable draw length from 22″ to 28″, adjustable power from 15 to 50 lbs and a speed of 240 fps. Easy to use even for those who have never used a bow before, it comes complete with an arrow magazine to speed up shooting the next arrow! Equipped with the possibility of adjusting its power to adapt to any shooter, the bow is loaded by pulling the lever directly with the hand where the thumb trigger is also located for release. This bow is 80 cm long and weighs 2900 grams. Also included in the package is a red dot with red dot, a mounting bracket, an arrow charger, 6 x 15″ carbon arrows, bow dampers and string silencers.

Less than €400

let’s move on toCompound Bow 21 Royale 17-27″ 5-50# Shadow RH made by Bear Archery. Made for right-handed shooters, this bow has a draw length between 17″ and 27″ and a draw weight between 5 and 50 lbs. This is a perfect lightweight bow to start with your passion, it has a great reach and all adjustments can be made using an allen key, eliminating the need for a bow press. Fully equipped, this Bear Archery compound bow is lightweight, weighing just over a pound, shoots arrows at 290 feet per second, offers a 75% release, and offers maximum versatility. Included in the package a viewfinder, a quiver with 5 places.

Less than €300

Let’s continue with this 70 Lbs Compound Bow Model Beast in camouflage color, produced by the specialized brand Poelang. This special compound bow from 20 to 70 pounds is made with a sturdy metal alloy body, is equipped with an adjustable pulley system with integrated stopper for better safety and comes with a biscuit rest. The characteristic compound system is able to increase the shooting speed up to 320 fps. The bow string is made of dracon, it includes rear sights and an arrow rest. Here are other features of this Poalens bow: perforated aluminum riser, split fiberglass limbs, professional 5-pin LED illuminated sight, pulleys with adjustable stopper, spider silencer on the strings.

Less than €200

We close with this Compound bow model CB50 of 55 Lbs woodland camouflage made by Man Kung. This compound bow is made of fiberglass, with aluminum risers, has an adjustable compound power from 30 to 55 lbs, while the output speed is 296 fps and the draw length goes from 19 inches to 29 inches. The bow weighs only 1.5 kilos and included in the package are also 2 aluminum arrows, a stick of wax for lubricating the strings.

These were four examples of compound bows for sale online at extraordinary prices, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, search now for your ideal bow!

By airsoft