The noise canceling or noise canceling headphones they have various fields of application, ranging from outdoor and indoor shooting ranges to military simulations (and real military operations) or in various working contexts, often linked to the production phase with loud background noise. There are many types of noise canceling headphones, with various prices and of various brands, some are almost toys, others are professional items.

Each product has its own characteristics and – generally – the headphone product data sheets contain important information on the type of material, weight, colour, measurements and adjustment possibilities and much more. What we want to do today is to answer a fairly common question, namely:

“What is the difference between passive noise canceling headphones and active noise canceling headphones?

Passive noise canceling headphones

They are the classic headphones that are also used on construction sites and other contexts, they have a variable price according to the construction quality and the materials used. These headphones can use sound-absorbing material and sponge/cloth to act as a gasket, in short they are “plugs” of the entire auricle; these headphones block noise through mechanical barriers (the body of the headphone itself) which act as an acoustic insulator. When the noise reaches the headphones, these partially absorb the sound waves (especially if they are heavy and padded) and in any case prevent the sound waves from reaching our eardrums as much as possible. They can be made in various ways and can be more or less comfortable to wear.

Active noise canceling headphones

These headphones are not limited to insulating the wearer’s auricle but employ a (more or less complex) technology of the active type, in fact these headphones have a electronics (which must be powered by batteries) capable of detecting acoustic waves and partially recreating them with special transducers (loudspeakers) capable of reproducing the waves in out of phase to cancel the effects that the original acoustic waves (noise) would have on our eardrums. These headphones can be of different construction quality and employ more or less advanced technologies for noise suppression. Normally the price of an active type noise reduction headset has a higher average price than similar passive type models.

Some of the brands they market good noise canceling headphones they are for example Nokta Makro, Z-Tactical, 3M, Garrett, Origin, Wosport, Walker’s and others.

If you are looking for quality noise canceling/suppressing headphones go for this one online catalog and look for the model that fits your needs and budget.

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