You already know what a system is and what it is for hop-ups in rifles and airsoft pistols? If you don’t have an idea, you can read our article that we published some time ago, we’ll copy an excerpt here, for further information we’ll leave you the link below:

“But what is this hop-up? What is an adjustable hop-up and what is it for?

Now is the time to address this topic. We warn you immediately though, this is a “grown-up” topic… if you have a weak stomach, do not continue reading, you would not be able to bear what follows! We have warned you, now if you continue reading, assume your responsibilities! Get out of this blog as soon as you can! We repeat, do not read this article!

All right, you asked for it!

What is a hop-up in ASG? Let’s start with the simple, so we still give you the opportunity to read up to here and you can close the page.

When you browse ASG (air soft gun) catalogs and look at handguns, rifles, or submachine guns, you’ll often find references to how much hop-up. Actually we have already talked about it but only in a superficial way. To simplify as much as possible (which in itself, from a mechanical point of view is really simple) let’s say that it is a simple rubber pellet that just sticks out inside the barrel of the ASG (in a precise point).”

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If you want to buy a valid hop-up now you can find them here >>>

Today we tell you about some excellent adjustable hop-ups suitable for Gear-box version 2 and available in different colours. These are models made with great precision, in aluminum and CNC machined with very low tolerances. The manufacturer provides some interesting indications:

  • Precise and stable hop-up regulation thanks to the first-class TDC system.
  • Flight path BBs always straight and horizontal.
  • No tightening effect on the hop-up bucking collar.
  • No rolling up of the bucking collar.
  • Perfect hold with hop-up bucking (no Teflon fix needed).
  • Full range of hop-up force adjustment, compatible with any type of nub hop-up.
  • Strong and tight cnc cnc clip that guarantees the stabilization of the rod
  • Perfect axial alignment of the barrel in the chamber.
  • Extremely precise adjustment of the hop-up force thanks to the ergonomic rotary knob.
  • Fits perfectly to Pulsar S HPA Gate Motor and Eon Gate V2 Complete Gearbox
  • Fits perfectly to Pulsar S HPA Gate Motor and Eon Gate V2 Complete Gearbox

These are high-level GATE products, available in different colors and with the following article codes:

EON-HOP-VI (purple)

EON-HOP-CY (green colour)

EON-HOP-OR (orange color)

The brand GATE also distributes other interesting items for airsoft, specifically gear-boxes, ETU modules for electric ASGs, airsoft pellet pusher rods, high speed piston heads for airsoft, tactical computers, Mosfets, fuses, low resistance cables and other accessories and components for pistols and electric rifles.

Today we talked about excellent hop-up modules that can be interesting to improve the performance of your ASG, follow our blog and remember to protect your eyes with simple ballistic goggles every time you play airsoft!

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